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December 7, 1941

Seventy-three years ago on a peaceful Sunday morning, while Americans went to church and read the Sunday paper and enjoyed Sunday dinner, had already started their holiday preparations, everything changed. Remember Pearl Harbor and all the lives lost that day: sailors (all the battleships, and especially the Arizona), soldiers, pilots, civilians. Remember all the souls lost in all of World War II, on every front, everywhere.

There are not many veterans left who remember that day. Not many civilians who were adults then, either. Most of those still around were either babies or children, some old enough to know something important had happened. Everyone became part of the war effort at home and overseas. There was rationing, paper and scrap drives, factories running 24/7, and war bond drives. The War was everywhere, and sometimes took the form of telegrams or grim-faced military men coming to tell widows and other loved ones sad news.

1941 was the last Christmas some families would all be together.


DECEMBER 7, 1941
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