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(Reviews) The Flash 1x7, AOS 2x9, Arrow 3x8

Lots of good stuff this week!

The Flash 1x7

A lot of fun with The Flash/Arrow cross-over this week! :)

I did think it wasn't too bad that Barry went all Hulk. He didn't hurt anyone and he needed to get some stuff out that had been building for awhile. And I had no problem with him angry with Joe for putting away his father. Eventually he's going to ask Joe about the investigation and there will be some tap-dancing done by Detective West on that issue.

Poor Ollie! He's nothing like his comics self, or at least pre-COIE self. That guy would be dissing 'the Establishment' all over the place and poking guys like this TV Arrow to get him 'to lighten up'. Even the previews for next week are very Bruce-like as he goes up against Ra's al-Ghul. A pity that DC couldn't keep the Arrow himself and let the Bat be the Bat.

It did point out how experience and smarts can triumph over superpowers, though of course Barry is still new at this game and as Ollie said, he's been at it eight years.

Eee! Connor mention!

The torture theme is so relevant.

Poor Barry! Now Iris has dumped the Flash!

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x9

This show just keeps getting better and better. The only way I'll be okay with the hiatus is watching Peggy Carter do her thing back in the day. ;)

Frightening stuff as they try and enter the mysterious alien city, and Ward is as chilling as ever. His obsession with Skye will ultimately be his undoing.

Did anyone else's heart break when Jemma was ready to spill all and Fitz drops the bombshell that he wants her to head the lab while he goes to the garage to work with Mack?

Arrow 3x8

The team scene when they first met up was fun. The clash between Barry and Ollie was very Bat-like on Ollie's side, but that's his schtick here on TV, so meh. The teams work very well together, and love the fanboying and 'girling of the Flash team. Roy seemed to be having fun, too, and liked the praise heaped on his costume. Poor guy doesn't get much chance to have fun, so that was nice to see. :)

Captain Boomerang is a very clever adversary. He's a match as Ollie and Roy use their arrows and he uses the boomerangs as weapons of choice.

Diggle is a doll! I really love him. And now he proposed to Lila! Yes!!! :)

Getting closer to finding out who is Sara's murderer.

Ollie's instincts are correct about Dr. Harrison Wells.

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