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Week 13: Green Bay Packers 26, New England Patriots 21 (9-3) (Sunday, November 30, 2014)

Week 13: Green Bay Packers 26, New England Patriots 21 (9-3) (Sunday, November 30, 2014)

Very disappointing game at historic Lambeau Field. The Patriots failed in all three phases of the game: special teams recorded a missed field goal, and the defense was a mixed bag: giving up huge chunks of yardage like the bad ol' days, and a back-breaking TD scored just before the half. The good thing? They held Aaron Rodgers and the Pack to field goals instead of touchdowns, otherwise the rout would have been on.

The offense? The most disappointing of all. They went through too many three-and-outs and couldn't get the job done when needed. There were some flashes of brilliance by Tom and the boys, but playing against a team the caliber of the Packers, you have to keep up that excellence, not falter. The NFL is not a forgiving league on the field.

Well, this was billed as a possible preview of the Super Bowl. Often the loser in the regular season winds up the winner in the playoffs when teams meet again, so let's hope that's the case! :) And the Patriots, despite their lack of execution, still kept the game close until the end.

The Bills won yesterday and the Dolphins and Jets play tonight, so divisional edits tomorrow.

Next week: San Diego Chargers! The team flew directly to San Diego last night instead of back to New England. They'll be spending the week in sunny California getting ready for the game.
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