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Week 7: New England Patriots 49, Miami Dolphins 28 (7-0) (October 21, 2007)

Week 7: New England Patriots 49, Miami Dolphins 28 (7-0) (October 21, 2007)

Tom Brady and his offense are in a zone! :)

Tom had six touchdowns today, a personal record, one shy of tying the record for the most touchdowns in an entire game (seven). He was nearly flawless, and the offense was smokin’! :) Randy Moss made two absolutely incredible touchdown catches that we have seen the like of here in New England before. Wes Welker and Donte Stallworth were outstanding once again as well.

The defense was superb in the first half, only allowing a single touchdown by Miami. Unfortunately, the human nature factor came into play in the second half and the defense let up two more touchdowns, and back-up quarterback Matt Cassell threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown. After that pick, Tom was back in the game even though he had taken his eye black off! When a back-up QB entered the game, it was third-stringer Matt Guiterrez.

A pity! Tom and Matt even exchanged towels (used to wipe off a QB's hands during the game and placed hanging from the belt) before Matt went in, but alas, Tom's magic didn't rub off on Matt! ;)

Miami is now 0-7, but they have always given us trouble in the past. In 2004, the Pats were 12-1 and the Dolphins 2-11 and Miami pulled it out in the last few minutes of the game to win a startling upset. So when they started scoring in the second half, it didn’t rattle us but the Patriots made sure they never got closed than three TDs. :)

This is the best start (7-0) in franchise history!

What a year! I’m savoring every second! :)

And the Red Sox? Game 7 of the ALCS tonight, baby! Back from a 3-1 deficit! They'll be rockin' and rollin' from the rafters at Fenway tonight! :)
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