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Hi, dolls! Time for some reviews:

The Flash 1x5

SO enjoying this show! The conflict between Barry and Iris ended with a split, but I'm sure they'll be back together someday. And Harrison Wells has all sorts of things going on, eh? Love Joe!

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x7

Exciting episode! Very glad to see some resolution to the carving mystery, and glad to see a former agent with the chance for a normal, happy life. :)

So Ward is going to confront his brother? This may tell us whether or not his brother his lying about Ward being a sociopath. Even though I'm a fan of most characters getting redemption, I kind of like the thought of Ward being a sociopath and irredeemable. His obsession with Skye is chilling.

I'm always afraid that Hunter won't survive a mission. I hope he does, because it would be a shame to lose him, but that's my fear.

Arrow 3x6

Poor Roy! I have to admit I was surprised that Diggle suggested to Ollie to cut him loose after his confession, and Felicity seemed pretty quick to conclude that Roy killed Sara. As it is, Roy is still a killer, though technically, he had no control over his actions at the time. Poor soul. He always seems to get kicked in the teeth, doesn't he?

I was so afraid we were going to see a repeat of the comics when Ollie abandoned Roy when he discovered that Roy was a junkie. And it hurt worse with Laurel wanting him out (at least at first). That scene between Ollie and Roy after Roy defeats Isaac was brilliant. Roy's plea and Ollie's answer that he would never abandon him was really powerful. I had feared that Roy might take Isaac's warning about being tossed aside after making a mistake to heart. It did seem as if it was happening.

Ollie gave Roy his name, Arsenal! :)

Loved Ted Grant being the focus of this story! :)

Ted: "You must have a place like this."

Ollie: "Mine's bigger."

Oh, Ollie! ;)

I'm very excited about Laurel taking up the mantle of the Canary (though she'll use the full name, Black Canary). I hope she wears the fishnets. They're as distinctive to her as Zatanna or Diana's bracelets are to her.


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