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(Reviews) The Flash 1x4, AOS 2x6, Arrow 3x4

Here are the weekly reviews! :)

The Flash 1x4

Good episode. I did like Barry being put out at Cisco's creation of the freeze gun. Barry's young and still new at this game, but let's face it, isn't it a wise idea to have something to stop your superpowered friend in case he goes rogue or is mind-controlled? And also not tell him about it? Hey, when Superman gets mind-controlled (must be Tuesday), he's going to head right to the Batcave for the Green K ring he gave Batman!

Felicity's presence was fun, and her hacker skills impressed even these genuises. :) Felicity's a doll.

Harrison Wells will show his true colors (probably by the season finale), but he let his true self slip through the cracks. Possibly Cisco will remember his intense anger, which while understandable, still seemed a bit off?

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x6

Enjoyed the Bobbi/Hunter interaction and how she told him not to 'die out there' or stay, if he wanted to stay. And Christian Ward? A creepy pol who could be lying (who can tell who's telling the truth in the spy world?) but I believe him that Grant is a sociopath. Sociopaths are often charming and persuasive as they mimic the emotions they can't feel. Garrett didn't mold Grant into HYDRA; he simply took what was there and trained him.

It looks like Skye might be falling for his crap, or she's playing him. No surprise that he got away. I wonder if Simmons' threat to kill him the next time she sees him will be carried out. It would be somehow fitting that the least likely killer in that group would be the one to take out Ward in the future.

It's doubtful that Ward is going to be placed on the redemption track. Sociopaths don't change, but then again, people fall all over themselves to excuse Loki's actions, so maybe TPTB will do the same with Ward. Creepy!

Arrow 2x4

Nyssa was fantastic in this episode. Her tenuous bonding with Laurel was fun to watch. And is Merlyn telling the truth? Was Ra's behind Sara's death? Merlyn used the word 'degenerate' in relation to what Ra's thought of Sara ( did like Merlyn calling Sara Nyssa's 'Beloved'). And remember the look on Nyssa's face when Ra's said Sara wasn't truly one of them, deserving of revenge. That could be the crack in her loyalty down the road. Though that must be some deep-seated homophobia on the part of Ra's (and dislike of Westerners?). A man who has lived as long as he has (if he's immortal and with access to the Lazarus Pits as in comics canon) would have seen same-sex relationships. If he isn't that long-lived, then maybe his prejudices are pretty deep.

Thea is a bit creepy now. I was never a big fan of hers (the poor little rich girl whining about her family while she grew up in the lap of privilege just turns me off), but wonder if her winning the battle with her father last episode merely was symbolic, and she's ready to do his bidding in Star City.

Merlyn had a twisted love for his son and now appears to have the same for Thea. Unfortunately for both, it won't end well (Tommy's already paid the ultimate price).

I like ex-boyfriend Roy understanding it's over with him and Thea and not being all possessive and stupid. Good boy, Roy! :)

Laurel's thirst for blood doesn't bother me. She's lost Sara twice now. Why shouldn't she feel such things? Though I'm glad Ollie stuck to his no-killing rule. Too easy to fall back into old habits.

I think, deep down, Quenton knows. That phone call to Sara in which he explicitly states she needn't call back? Just odd.

Hope to see more Ray Palmer soon! :)

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