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Thoughts on my favorite comics shows this season! :)

The Flash 3x3

Hmm, I thought that Metamorpho might be making an appearance but sexy Rex Mason was never a hit man! No, it was a supervillain who had the power to transform himself into a gas to kill.

Henry Allen is carefully-controlled, but why wouldn't he be? He must silently scream into his pillow every night at the years ticking by and him unjustly stuck in that prison. I liked the scene between him and Joe.

A super-prison in the old particle accelerator? First off, setting aside the legal issues of imprisoning people without any trial, how do they plan on doing this? Didn't Harrison Wells say that the villain had to reform his molecules and couldn't stay as a gas indefinitely? If so, are they going to feed this guy? What about waste disposal issues? And I doubt I'd feel comfortable working above a bunch of superpowered bad guys just aching to get out and wreak vengeance on who put them there.

AOS 2x5

So Skye's alien parentage was finally spoken aloud. And Hunter's ex showing up? Wonderful! ;)

Kind of sad to see FitzSimmons now. I like their sweet, almost-innocent selves from Season 1. Fitz is too angry now and Simmons has definitely seen the dark side. Pretty daring move by Phil to allow her to be exposed, but he always has a plan!

Arrow 3x3

Loved seeing Diggle fight for his family! He's such a sweetheart and his baby is the CUTEST EVAH!!! :)

Also loved seeing the three guys fighting together: Diggle, Ollie and Roy. Roy was a loner all his life but now he's part of a team and likes it, especially praise from Ollie. :) He was willing to let Thea choose her own path and that's a refreshing attitude, considering how many ex-boyfriends aren't so understanding.

Thea coming home...something just feels off about it. Fishy business! Malcolm let her go pretty easily. Has he brainwashed his little darling to be a sleeper assassin?

Looks like Laurel's on her way to becoming the Canary. Yes!!!

I was wondering when Nyssa would show up.

Felicity, honey, your new boss sure knows how to treat a girl! An executive assistant and a huge office? And Ray's charming ditziness is, well, charming, but he's working on something secret? Miniaturization, I hope? ;)


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Oct. 26th, 2014 01:58 pm (UTC)
I'm very dubious about an extra-legal prison in STAR Labs! That's oddly dark for a show that's trying to be less grim... I still like it but wow, that was a strangely dark turn.
Oct. 26th, 2014 02:37 pm (UTC)
This situation was made for the phrase, "Oh, this is going to end well!" ;)

Harrison Wells is a pretty dark character himself, killing Simon Stagg in cold blood and then letting Caitlin's fiance Ron die when he probably could have saved him. And poor ol' Henry is rotting in prison for a crime he didn't commit! I guess the CW can't help themselves and has to inject the dark sometimes. :)

I wonder if the inevitable superprison meltdown episode will be this season?
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