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Reviews: The Flash 1x2, AoS 2x4, Arrow 3x2

Simon Stagg! Wonder if we'll see his daughter Sapphire and her boyfriend, Rex Mason (aka Metamorpho)? ;)

I understood why Barry told his adoptive father what he did. It must have been difficult to grow up in a household where the kind man raising you genuinely believed that your father was a murderer when you knew he wasn't. Still, Barry acknowledged Joe's importance in his life. Very nice moment, especially when Joe made a point of believing in him as the Flash and finally realizing his father's innocent.

Harrison Wells is pretty bloodthirsty!

Did Phil and May look gorgeous as the swanky couple or what? That silver dress of May's was divine! :) They dance divinely together, too. ;)

Something very sad about that funeral for Sara: at least the people she loved were there, but her parents haven't been told. Are they judging them too fragile to handle her death all over again? I hope that scene with Laurel holding Sara's leather jacket foreshadows her as the Canary someday.

Bittersweet seeing Tommy again, but Ollie came up with a clever plan to keep him alive and safe.

Poor Sara! Suffering all she did for five years, finally finding some peace and re-connecting with her family, all to suffer a quick death back in Star City.

I hope that Felicity does get involved with Ray. He did show an empathic side.

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