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Forever (The Stuff Of Legends)

Smallville "Cure" (Season 7) (Episode 4) (October 18, 2007)

Well, the Clex factor was in play tonight! J

Clark saving Lex makes me smile every time. And the scene in the hospital? Sure, Clark went into lecture mode, angry at Lex for forcing him to kill Knox, but perhaps angry at himself for still caring so much?...and even more interesting was that Clark was in Lex’s hospital room until he regained consciousness, and that he had killed to save him.

Of course, then he finds out that Curtis Knox isn’t dead.

Loved the scene in which Lex helps Clark figure out where Chloe and Knox are. His knowledge of history and research skills comes into play, and Clark isn’t that hostile in this scene.

The chemistry between the actors is still there. By now you'd think it might be dimmed as they've barely been in any scenes together the past few seasons, but this is truly a case in which two people feed off each other's energy on-screen. What a shame it's become the Clana show instead of the originally-intended Clex.

Could some sort of understanding be reached between them before MR leaves the show at the end of this season? I won't hold my breath, but who knows? 

But back to the Immortal. Knox, of course, is a horrible murderer. He was actually Jack the Ripper, huh? Not surprised! Vampire, Highlander-style Immortal? Not Kryptonian.

But I felt a tiny shred of sympathy for him: maybe the centuries of loving, losing and loneliness snapped his mind. And as Clark said, “We’re more alike than you know.” As J’onn says, he’ll outlive everyone he loves here on Earth.

It's always a theme I find fascinating: how would someone who lived for centuries stand the loneliness? I've explored that theme in Forever And Always, Stars' Dust and Star-Strewn Black Silk and will probably do so again. It's more curse than blessing. 

Hmm, Lex has exceptional healing powers since the meteor storm years ago. Maybe something could be done to help that along and make him the perfect mate for Clark? ;)

 It’s true that Lex is making the memories of his ‘patients’ disappear so that he can’t be implicated, but it’s a tribute to Michael Rosenbaum’s acting that I can believe that Lex truly wants to help those he victimized.
Lana is spying on Lex? Cool! Though of course now she’s the one keeping secrets. Maybe now she’ll understand Clark and his reasons for keeping secrets all those years.

Chloe! If being a meteor freak will cause you to lose Jimmy, why not just tell him the truth? You’ve lost him, anyway. And he might just surprise you!

Aww, woobie scene when Clark talks to Chloe and learns she'll lose her memory.  She'll forget him!  He's depended upon her so much. *pets Clark*

Kara? Sorry to see her leave the Kent farm, but how is Clark to know who’s telling the truth? J’onn has saved him in the past and worked with his father. Kara’s family, but he barely knows her.

I liked this episode, and Dean Cain is great when playing a cocky part (yeah, he was an eyewitness to Mussolini bumping off the tardy train conductor!). The fight between him and Tom was pretty cool, two Supermen going at it. J

Next week? Hollywood comes to Smallville, complete with costumed heroes! I like that shot of Clark with the red cape/cloth. Hmm… ;)

Jeez, Tom, Dean wore the tights and he looked yummy! Whatcha afraid of? ;)


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