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Reviews: Arrow 3x1, The Flash 1x1, AoS 2x3

Hi, luvs!

Just a quick series of impressions for Arrow 3x1, The Flash 1x1, and AoS 2x3.

Spoilers! And a little bit of stuff thrown in from Gotham 1x1 and 1x2.

Arrow 3x1:

Fast-paced season premiere! Loved Diggle, Lyla and the baby (is that the cutest baby or what?), Oliver ending it with Felicity before it got started (not an Ollie/Felicity ‘shipper), and the delightful presence of Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer! Honestly, Brandon is part-Kryptonian, because does he look any older since he played Clark in Superman Returns? ;) He seems to have found his niche in a quirky role. I think he plays semi-comic much better.

I was surprised that Thea is keeping Ollie informed of where she is, but does he know about Malcolm? And how Dynamic Duo was it when Arsenal joined the fray and Green Arrow said that he was waiting for his partner? Doesn’t Roy look yummy in his red leathers? :) Though now they look like a pair of Christmas elves in red and green. ;)

Laurel working with Ollie is very cool. I would love to see her become the Canary someday.

Yes!!! STAR CITY!!!


I loved the moment between her and Big Sister Laurel, but wtf? She’d reached some sort of peace with her life and now she’s killed off? *sighs* And now Laurel, Quentin and Dinah have to grieve all over again! They took it very hard the first time around. What will happen this time? Quentin is already trying to adjust to reduced health and job circumstances? Will he go back to booze or start taking too many pain pills? Damnit!

This bringing characters back from the dead is all well and good, but it cheapens death and the grief people go through. They’ve already struggled with Sara’s death once before. I just can’t imagine having to go through that a second time. I sincerely hope she is permanently gone this time. A second resurrection would just be ridiculous.

Hey, I like people coming back, too. I'd love to see Tommy back, but that would cheapen the inspiration Oliver has gleaned from his death. On the Marvel side, I always thought Bucky coming back was a cheapening of Steve's very real grief and struggle to accept in the comics, and while it provides great angsty fodder, I would have been just as happy if Bucky had stayed dead.

And has everyone forgotten about Nyssa al-Ghul?

The Flash 1x1:

Very good Pilot. I like the characters, and Barry is very likeable as a hero. Looks like a show that might not follow the completely grimdark path as its predecessors. Though one of its main themes is a trope I hate: the innocent man in prison. How can you live your life knowing your loved one is innocent and in hell? The years keep ticking by, and you’re helpless to do anything about it. Poor Barry and his father. I hope if the series lasts for awhile that Barry's father doesn't rot in jail the entire time.

Naturally, Barry and Iris can’t be together for years and years! This is the CW!

I would definitely tune in next week. Much better than Gotham, which is a little too dark for my tastes. I’m kind of fed up with the sick and twisted villains and watching them come up with sick and twisted ways of torturing and killing innocent people. Or even not-so-innocent people.

Two things that turned me off: Cobblepot (after having just been spared by Jim Gordon, ironically) killing that poor schmoe who was fishing simply for his sandwich! Hate that. And Selina? Threatening to cry rape against an innocent man (a cop, not some thug who was threatening her)? I’m sure many people think that’s cool and street-savvy and clever, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. It just makes it that much harder for genuine victims to be believed.

AoS 2x3:

Fitz seeing Ward was a great scene. His horror and shock turning to rage and turning the tables was well-done. If I didn’t know that the show needed Ward further down the line, I would have wondered if Fitz had allowed him to become brain-damaged from lack of oxygen.

Ward is so skeevy! He might have been manipulated into thinking that his choices were of his own free will by Garrett, but he’s just as likely to have gone along with being Hydra just as he says: of his own free will.

It’s a shame that Skye will fall for his b.s. eventually. Isn’t it a trope that the woman will always let the man manipulate her in these situations? *sighs*

I do think for he is genuinely regretful about what happened to Fitz, but he would do it again. He really believes that he was saving Fitz and Simmons. Probably true, as he gave them a chance instead of killing them outright, but the consequences are pretty damning. And while Marvel being Marvel means there's a miracle cure in Fitz's future, it's interesting (and sad) to see that once-brilliant mind struggling to express the simplest of concepts now.

I liked Simmons as successful double agent, and last week’s strange drawings by Phil. May is her usual amazing self, and a shame that Lucy Lawless’ character was killed off so quickly, but I like her best buddy joining S.H.I.E.L.D.

Omigosh, the previews for next week! May and Phil dressed to the nines and dancing at a fancy party! Yeah! :)

So those are my impressions, and looking forward to a lot more new and exciting episodes! :)

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