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Week 3: New England Patriots 16, Oakland Raiders 9 (2-1) (Sunday, September 21, 2014)

Week 3: New England Patriots 16, Oakland Raiders 9 (2-1) (Sunday, September 21, 2014)

The Patriots' offense celebrated Halloween early: they were trick-or-treat all day!

The offense is sputtering. If they don't get this fixed, they're going nowhere this year. I'm not the only one who thinks that. Ex-Patriots players and other commentators know that a sputtering offense doesn't get it done. Only sixteen points against the crappy Raiders? Are you kidding me? If it wasn't for Big Vince's interception in the final seconds they might have lost this game! Incredible! Some home opener.

Danny Amendola is a bum. It must stick in Julian Edelman's craw that the Patriots are paying this bum TWICE the money he's getting, and he's Tom's No. 1 receiver and had catches in the double digits today! Amendola? Amendola?

The defense did okay and so did special teams, but what's up with this team? It's like they're sleepwalking. They managed to get out with wins against low-level teams like Minnesota and Oakland, but what happens when they go up against the mid-level teams like Kansas City next Monday night? And the better teams in the league? No wonder Tom was so grumpy last week! *shakes head*

Dante Scarnecchia, can you come out of retirement and coach this pitiful O-Line? Ye gods and little fishes!

No division stats as only the Pats and Bills have results (Pats won, Bills lost). Miami is playing one of the late games and the Jets will play tomorrow night.
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