bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Kinky Thoughts

Heh, what you find on the Internet! :)

I was perusing rounds_of_kink with all their Challenges. Good thing they don't have much DC over there or I'd be tempted to add yet another thing on my To-Do List! LOL! The most DC-related stuff they have tends to be Smallville, and that's cool. I love Clex and other pairings you can get from it, but my Muses are just in comics mode right now. Lots of interesting Due South over there. :)

I wonder if DC fandom is really small on LJ? I'll have to do a little research but I'll be heading off to bed in a few minutes. Still, it's an interesting question: we tend to think the DCU is huge because this fandom has so much source material to draw from, but maybe we're just little fish in the big LJ pond. :)
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