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(Preseason) Week 4: New York Giants 16, New England Patriots 13 (2-2) (Thursday, August 28, 2014)

(Preseason) Week 4: New York Giants 16, New England Patriots 13 (2-2) (Thursday, August 28, 2014)

Preseason has wrapped up and real games are on the way! Whoo hoo! :)

The fourth preseason game is usually a snoozefest as the starters only play a couple of series or not at all. It's the scrubbinis who play, guys whose names you don't know and they'll be gone, but the whiff of desperation is in the air as most of these guys will wind up bagging groceries in the near future if they don't latch onto other teams.

And there was an added twist last night: rookie QB Jimmy Garoppolo was the starter and played the entire game. He definitely looked like a rookie at times, but still showed pocket poise and made some good throws, one in particular to Josh Boyce for an exciting TD. He had to prepare all week as the starter, good experience for a guy we hope we don't see in the regular season! :) But not bad for a guy who came from a small school where the football team had no playbook!

Tom did get in on a play: as holder on a kick! He's done it before and was the very best holder evah! ;)

I was amused by Garoppolo's press conference after the game. It was as if he had studied Tom's pressers! ;)

So, the games begin in earnest and the Pats' first one is in Miami against the Dolphins. They always have a tough time down there because of the heat, though the flip side is that the Dolphins come up here in December and freeze their Miami butts off. :) They were the opponents several years ago when a major blizzard dumped snow on the stadium and fans had to dig out their own seats because there just wasn't time for stadium personnel to do it. It was the game when the fans threw snow up in the air in time with Rock 'N' Roll, Part II after Tedy Bruschi scored a TD off an interception. The Pats clinched the division during that game. The Dolphins just wanted to go home. :)
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