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(Preseason) Week 2: N.E. Patriots 42, Phil. Eagles 35 (1-1) (Friday, August 15, 2014)

(Preseason) Week 2: New England Patriots 42, Philadelphia Eagles 35 (1-1) (Friday, August 15, 2014)

The Pats showed marked improvement this week, though of course they still have plenty of work to do. All three quarterbacks performed well. Tom threw for a TD and Jimmy Garoppolo did, too, and Ryan Mallett looked much better this week. Apparently he had injured his knee last week so that could be a reason why he was so ineffective in Week 1.

The defense came up with opportunistic turnovers through interceptions and forced fumbles, but the tackling was pretty abysmal on some plays. The officials went overboard with the penalty flags. Hopefully that will get straightened out!

Scary moment when Tom tried to tackle an Eagle DB running a pick-six back. Don't do that, Tom!

The offensive line had some gaffes but did better than last week. Improvement is always the key, especially when the regular season is fast approaching. Next week we should see the first-stringers for at least a half. It's unlikely they'll play in the final preseason game.

Special teams had a hard time. Two muffed punts! Unusual.

So, the offense moved better, the defense made stops, and our kicker made kicks but the punter had a rough night. :)

For a preseason game, it was pretty interesting. The Eagles had their share of gaffes but looked sharp, too.
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