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(Preseason) Week 1: Washington Redskins 23, New England Patriots 6 (0-1) (Thursday, 8/7/14)

(Preseason) Week 1: Washington Redskins 23, New England Patriots 6 (0-1) (Thursday, August 7, 2014)

Football's back! Whoo hoo! :)

Preseason is tough to take anything from, as often first-stringers aren't in the game. Last night Tom and the first-string offense stood on the sidelines while back-up QBs (and other players) Ryan Mallett and Jimmy Garoppolo took the snaps under center. Ryan looked awful. For a fourth-year guy, you expect more, though he never sees the field during the regular season. Still, he plays in preseason and practices every week, so he should show SOME improvement!

Jimmy G. stunk in practice since training camp opened but did surprisingly well last night. At least he kept his head and made some plays, and scored the only New England points of the night. Receiver Brian Tyms made the catch and fell into the stands, heh heh! :)

Tommy looked very pretty on the sidelines. ;) Wish cornerback Darrelle Revis could have played a couple of series but I've seen him at work in practice so can't wait to see him in the real season.

Anyway, the good thing is that FOOTBALL IS BACK!!! It won't be long before they play games in earnest. Should be a fun season! :)
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