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Happy Canada Day!!! :)

Happy Canada Day to all of our friends to the North! :)

Yes, I know, I'm early, but I've got a bizzy day tomorrow so wanted to make sure to get my greetings in. :)

I've been thinking about communications. Yes, Uhura. :) The poll below reflects that and I find that each form has its advantages. Out of the tree, e-mail is my favorite as it gives me time to reflect and compose a message I feel comfortable with, while sometimes I can trip over my tongue on the phone, LOL!

As for texting, while I lament the truncation of the beautiful English language out of technical necessity, I find it handy in certain situations. For instance, my sister went to New York last Friday on the train and instead of eating up the minutes on our cell phones, we texted and had a lot of fun. I don't know how people can text and drive because texting demands total concentration! *shakes head*

I do miss writing letters. If you were around before the Internet, did you write letters or prefer telephoning? I liked letters for the same reasons I like e-mail and it was cheaper to buy a stamp than pay long-distance. :) I don't know how historians will function in the future because our communications are all electronic now and programs change and disappear, along with old e-mails. There's something lovely about a handwritten letter carefully crafted. Guess I'm just old-fashioned! :)

I put 'letter' as one of the choices for sentiment's sake, ha! I know that no one writes real letters anymore. :)

Poll #1973757 Communication Preferred

Which form of communication is your favorite?

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