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Comics Collection

Hi, luvs!

I have several boxes of comics I'm planning to sell in the near future. Have any of you sold comics? If so, how did you go about it? I know Ebay is a resource but I can't afford the fees nor do I have a scanner to put up pictures, so that's out. Is the local comic shop a good place to go, or will they severely under-price my collection? Have you sold on-line in places like dusty_corners? I am thinking of buying the Overstreet Comics Guide for prices, and to try and evaluate the condition of the books. Some books are from the '70s and others from the '80s. They are mostly DC, but I have some Marvel and Archies and a few other randoms.

Does Heritage Auctions look legit or is on the scam side? It's tough to know who to trust.

Anyway, any advice you can give me is welcome! I'll be selling more zines soon, too. I want to clear out as many boxes as I can in the coming months. Thanks!
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