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Random 'N' Sundry

Hi, all! Since I was so quiet for such a long time I feel like posting about anything and everything, so be warned! ;)

Maintenance was supposed to come Friday to pound in the nails so I could hang calendars and pictures but never showed up. I don't want to start out like a complaining resident, but since I was promised they would come, I'm going down bright and early to the Manager's Office tomorrow and request if they could come in the morning. Whether it'll take a week or more to get this simple task done, who knows? Chasing people is part of life, after all. It's a definite negative checkmark, though, as at home I'd just do it myself. The policy is Maintenance does it, not the resident.

My extra icons will be kaput on the 14th. :( I know, I know, I'm a nag about them, but I can't renew them myself for reasons I would prefer not to go into. Just know that I would do it if I could and spare you the laments! ;)

I'm going to start going over some of the fic I have in my posting queue and hopefully will get something up soon. It's weird to see my journal with no fic posted in so long.

I need to go see Captain America 2 again soon!

We can put things on the doors here (yay, like Media West!) so I'm going to get a doohickey and put up something, at least by the fall. I need to have something Halloween-ish by then and Christmas-y after that.

I will be hosting a Halloween Challenge this year (possibly my only one for 2014), so keep that in mind. The official notice will go out in August, and I'd love to see more participation this year. Remember, crossovers are welcome, so if you're hot on Steve/Bucky or anything Marvel right now, that's acceptable to mix with the DCU characters.

I hated not hosting the Dick Grayson Challenge this year but things were just too crazy. Maybe Dickie ideas will fit for Halloween! ;)

I still can't find my box of CDs which also has my Public Enemies DVD and, ironically, the Superman/Batman Public Enemies DVD. I can't find one box of Christmas ornaments, either. Oh, well, they're all here. I just need to come across them! :)

I did a total dusting, polishing, sweeping and Swiffering today, cleared out another bag and box, and plan to go sit out on the deck soon.

Damn, I wish the Patriots had taken Michael Sam in the draft! I would have been so proud of them being the first organization in the NFL to employ an openly gay football player. Good luck, St. Louis Rams! :)
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