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More Status Of BradyGirl_12

Hi, luvs!

I'll be on-line tomorrow and hopefully squeeze in some time on Friday, but Friday night the computer will be disconnected in preparation for the move on Saturday. I have no idea when I'll be back on after that. You'll see less fancy icons, too, as my userpic packages expire on May 14th. Enjoy joyful Robin while he lasts! Man, don't you hate scraping for every little thing and coming up short? *sighs* :(

I think I might need anti-anxiety medicine! I've been too crazy the last few days. I think I'm losing it!

At least the place I'm going to is nice (good reputation), but I've got a newsflash for people saying I'll be a social butterfly now: introverts do NOT change their ways just because they move from a house to an apartment. I will attend a few functions but I don't want to be around people 24/7. I desperately need re-charging after the week from hell.

So hopefully I'll get back on. With my wonky computer I can't be sure of anything. Before I got this computer in 2006 I had only limited access (no computer at home as my previous one had conked) and so I semi-gafiated from fandom for a period of years. Keeping my fingers crossed that won't happen again!

I wish I was a computer genius. It seems simple to set up but I'm always clueless, heh heh. And my I.Q. is pretty high, just that things like sense of direction and setting up computers seems to be missing. :)

There is one thing that a book will always have over a Kindle or computer or any electronic device. You never have to worry about formatting issues, nor accessing the content. You just open the cover and start reading! :)

See ya tomorrow but after that? Only the Fannish Gods know! ;)
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