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Bunny Hopping :)

So I'm sitting here, finishing up some tasks before I go upstairs to watch the Red Sox in the ALCS, and I look gloomily at the computer screen. Because last night I decided to revamp a fic I'm working on, and that will mean some extensive changes. Gaahh!! Hate that. :)

But OTOH, both Halloween fics are coming along steadily as to ideas, because only one is being typed at the moment. :)

I'm bringing my notebook with me upstairs, and may just work on Halloween fic tonight and set aside Rainbow's Freedom. I usually work on that every day, and right now have a nice Dinah scene going on, but I have to run with the bunny that's really nibbling right now! :) If I get the Halloween story close to finished, I can finally put the finishing touches on my Bruce/Dick essay and go on from there.

The leaves are really starting to change color now, and soon the backyard will be a showplace. :)

Oh, the Sox won their first game of the ALCS last night, 10-3, so it's a good start. :) Fenway looked great! The ol' ballyard pretties up nice. :)

The Boston College Eagles are 7-0! They beat Notre Dame at South Bend today. Yay! Let's hope the good karma continues for my Patriots tomorrow in Dallas. :)

Enough rambling! :) Hope all is well with you all!
Tags: boston red sox, halloween, new england patriots, writing
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