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(Review): Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

Omigosh, I just got back from seeing Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier! There will be fiiiiiiic!!!!! Um, okay, on to the review!

This movie blew me away! DC, you will never catch up to Marvel at this rate!

Okay, where to start? Steve looks to me like a man who will adapt to some of the things in this century but his heart will always be back in the ‘40s. And why not? He had no time to adjust as other people like Peggy did. The psychic shock of waking up seven decades later will never leave him.

I can’t imagine the suffering that Bucky must have endured at the hands of HYDRA. He must have been scared out of his mind at first, and then gradually became numb to being treated like a thing instead of a person, and being frozen periodically. Steve had one big freeze but Bucky had to suffer through dozens. And I can’t imagine what Steve will suffer when he reads the file Natasha gave him about Bucky’s captivity and torture by HYDRA. :(

Sam is just as I pictured him: snarky and his own man but willing to follow Steve’s lead. He was great as the Falcon! How cool are those wings? ;)

Knew Fury wasn’t dead. ;)

Natasha’s sense of self is thrown out the window and she’ll have to work hard to find out who she is.

The fight scenes were good. Some pushed the envelope of being too long, but not quite. Unlike MOS where the climactic battle scene between Clark and Zod happened after endless mayhem, cheating us out of its importance (by the time they started that battle I was, “Ugh, more fighting?” I guess since I’m not a gamer I find endless fight scenes boring, because those fight scenes resembled a video game to me).

Liked seeing the Smithsonian. I visited there years ago. Too bad they didn’t show the Enterprise. Steve had it on his list! ;)

Nice touch about the music being played by Fury in Steve’s apartment. Music often is tied to our growing-up years, and it makes sense that while Steve may enjoy the newer (to him) music, Big Band music will always be his comfort zone.

Maria is bad-ass wonderful.

Sharon Carter had a smaller role than I expected, but that would have called up all sorts of conflict for Steve. Bucky is enough for one movie! Bad enough I was tearing up during some of the Steve/Bucky scenes and the one with old lady Peggy.

I liked the SHIELD guy who refused to activate the carriers. He knew he could get killed but he did it, anyway. Steve inspires people like that. I loved Sam’s reaction to his speech over the SHIELD intercom.

Steve’s the kind of guy who will always be loyal to a friend. As he told Sam, when he had nothing, he still had Bucky. And one encounter with Steve threw Bucky into a tailspin. He knows, deep down inside. That’s why he saved Steve from drowning. And how reminiscent was that of Steve plunging into the ice? *shivers*

So Marvel has destroyed SHIELD? Awkward! Must be especially hinky for the TV show. ;) But when you think about it, what a creepy thing to have HYDRA growing like a cancer within SHIELD for decades. And now we know that the car accident that took Maria and Howard’s lives wasn’t an accident. Wait’ll Tony finds out! Not to mention his displeasure at his tech being compromised by HYDRA.

I did enjoy seeing Maria in Stark Industries’ Human Resources, and Natasha kicking Congressional butt on Capitol Hill. Also a nice twist with her Council disguise.

Robert Redford as a bad guy! Nice!

I liked Steve’s comment about all the tech not being about freedom, but about fear. And the HYDRA plot? Really not so far-fetched when you’ve got people in this century scrambling to hand over their freedom in the name of security.

Man, the old-style tech in Camp LeHigh’s bunker was fun to see.

I enjoyed the glimpse of Pietro and Wanda at the end. And how heartbreaking was Steve’s visit to the Captain America exhibit at the Smithsonian (the scene with the kid was cute) and later Bucky’s visit? A nice detail about Steve wearing his old World War II Captain America uniform to help Bucky remember (I assume that was part of the reason) and just feeling that it was right. Maybe he wanted some part of that past with him as he went to battle.

Good, funny cameo by Stan Lee! ;)

So the Avengers will have to come together again, Iron Man without his suits, Steve desperate to find Bucky and jaded after the events of his movie, Thor renouncing his Asgardian heritage? I’m sure that Thor will understand Steve never giving up on Bucky.

Well, at least I can read avengerkink and all the Interwebz without getting spoiled now!

Would I recommend this movie? You bet I would! And the fanworks coming from this ought to be amazing! So many pairings/friendships/angsting, so little time! ;)
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