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Hi, luvs!

Very bizzy lately so not much time to post. Some quick thoughts:

I was disappointed that American Hustle got shut out of the Oscars. Okay, Christian wasn't going to win Best Actor because Matthew McC. had that sewn up, but no Supporting Actor or Actress or Amy Adams for Best Actress? Not even Best Costume Design, for crying out loud? I did enjoy seeing Christian during the show, and loved Ellen's pizza bit! ;)

More deep freeze here.

*points up to icon*

I have a larger version as my current wallpaper. Seems to fit with my Bruce/Dick Muses lately. The AU is going well. Over 27,000 words written so far, and halfway done! Though Dick is not killed off in this one, ha ha, he and Bruce do face some danger in between all the romance and other good stuff. I think the icon pleases me because I love it when Bruce expresses his anguish over any hurt to Dick. I love it when Dick angsts over Bruce, but seeing Bruce (especially in canon) losing it when Dick is threatened or he thinks he's been killed (Infinite Crisis) is a definite kink for me. :)

Right now the AU is relaxing me as I write it, and the research is a blast, and the Steve/Diana story I finished is still simmering, waiting for revision, and I'm writing an Avengers tale inspired by an avengerkink prompt, so that's pretty much it for me fanfic-wise! :)

BTW, the story that icon comes from is a Bronze Age goodie in which Ra's Al-Ghul kidnaps Robin (he knows where to hit the Bat where it hurts!) and Batman swims the deepest ocean and climbs the highest mountain to get to him. Well, he did climb a very high mountain, flew for hours (and he hates long trips!) and fought a snow leopard, I believe, and this pic was on the cover. A great story with lots of Dynamic Duo banter when Batman shows up in the stronghold where Robin's being held. Tied up, of course. ;)
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