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Brotherly Love, Fiery Gotham (LSH, The Batman) (October 13, 2007)

 Legion Of Super Heroes, The Batman (Episode 4) (October 13, 2007)

Brainy still has it bad for ‘our’ Clark.  ;)  He was dissing Shrinking Violet since she was taking the place of Superman during the latest mission.  He learned, poor boy, he learned!  J


Kell-El grows on you.  He’s all tough and “You’re not crying, are you?” but he was moved by the family reunion.


This was a very interesting story.  Mekt finally allowed his feelings for his family to trump his lust for power.  Even when he flew away after Garth had been terribly hurt, he was upset and angry that Imperius had done such a thing, cloaking it “It was my fight”. Their sister was the bond between them, and I’m a sucker for redemption fic.  J


Will the change of heart continue?  We’ll see, as Mekt is in with a bad lot there in prison, LOL.


Very Stars Wars-like: Garth loses his arm, Mekt is wearing a cloak, but Mekt doesn’t ultimately turn on Imperius during Garth’s torture.  Still, the seeds are planted before his ultimate reversal.


The Batman?  Pretty good villain here, who also had his issues, and I like that.  Painting villains as pure evil can be fun for awhile, but ultimately gets boring.  I like to see at least a hint of good or a redeemable quality in them.  Probably while I still watch Smallville besides the eye candy!   J


Very cool nuclear-shielded outfit, Batgirl was cute as usual, and Robin still proving himself worthy of being the Batman’s partner (as does Batgirl).


I would have liked to see another Justice Leaguer, but understand they can’t have them on every week. 


If the WB continues with the pattern of last season, we’ll get the first four episodes of this season repeated and then four new episodes, and then a lot of reruns ‘til after Christmas.  They only have 13 episodes!  Last year they mixed in older Batman episodes.  Maybe they’ll show the older Legion ones this year down the line.






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