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Happy Valentine's Day!!! :)

Hi, luvs!

Looks like I have posting access today, so a quick Happy Valentine's Day to you all! My thoughts on the holiday are here, if you're interested. Love is love! :)

Who are the most romantic couples in your fandoms? I'd pick Steve/Diana because they are romance itself. They both fell in love with each other at first sight. Yep, it's canon! :)

Clark/Bruce because Clark is just a romantic sap, and despite himself Bruce is drawn to that. :)

Bruce/Dick because Dick has a very similar personality to Clark and can drawn Bruce in. A heart-shaped box of chocolates and a few dozen roses with a sparkling smile wouldn't hurt, eh? ;)

Clark/Dick? Hell, yeah! ;)

Could Steve/Tony from Marvel be romantic saps? Sure! Steve would love doing the old-fashioned bit. And I think Natasha/Pepper and Clint/Coulson could enjoy a good Valentine's Day. Both Pepper and Phil would plan the heck out of the holiday! :) Steve/Thor because of the grand sweep of their powers and personalities. Saps! ;)


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Feb. 15th, 2014 11:13 am (UTC)
I think the only couple of my fandoms that I can see as being at all romantic would be Alexander/Hephaistion. The history, and really the lack of material makes it easy to overlay the relationship with as much romance as you like.

Maybe Kirk/Spock, too, just not as much. There's a certain romance in their profession, which probably helps, and obviously there's something there for them to have been the start of it all.

Napoleon/Illya, just a tad. There's the banter between them, but a certain amount of snarkiness, too.

while Bodie/Doyle is probably the least romantic. They're portrayed as somewhat dark, though there are scenes of real sweetness.

I'm not sure where I'd put Bruce/Dick. Sometimes I see them in a romantic light, but then canon shoves its ugly head in and screws everything up. *g*
Feb. 15th, 2014 06:11 pm (UTC)
I like the Alexander/Hephaistion mention! I think there could be some real romance there. :)

Kirk/Spock could work. Kirk is a romantic at heart (his love of sailing ships and the past {Civil War era/Abraham Lincoln}) and Spock will willingly follow.

Illya's Russian soul would scoff at Valentine's Day capitalist nonsense and then he would make a reservation at The Russian Tearoom for him and Napoleon. ;)

Bodie/Doyle might be the darkest/edgiest.

Bruce/Dick is so complex that you can toss romance out the window with them or work it in because Bruce can be beguiled by his sparkling partner. ;)
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