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Love, Love, Love!!! :)

Hello, luvs!

Since my posting access is iffy at best, I decided to post this a little early. Besides, I consider this Love Week with Love Weekend tacked on at the end. ;)

A lot of people don’t like Valentine’s Day, and that’s fine. They say it’s too commercial. That’s true. But what modern holiday isn’t? Halloween? Christmas? Even St. Patrick’s Day is commercial now! And it’s always been that way. Whether for religious or cultural reasons, merchants always made a buck off the festivals and holidays as they hawked doves and religious trinkets outside the temples. Corporations will always co-opt.

I like Valentine’s Day because it reminds people to say, “I love you.”

Ah, you say. Shouldn’t that be said the other 364 days a year? Of course. But in chaotic, rushed, modern life, don’t people need a nudge now and again? I feel fortunate to have told my parents that I loved them often before they passed away, but sometimes you take your loved ones for granted. You do everyday things out of love, but isn’t it nice to make a special gesture once in awhile? Valentine’s Day helps us make that special gesture.

The holiday’s marketing is focused on the romantic aspect, but Valentine’s Day is for everyone. And who wants to be in an iffy relationship just for the sake of going out to dinner on February 14th?

Valentine’s Day is for expressing love between parent and child, child and parent, sibling and sibling, friend and friend.

So, a big SHOUT OUT to my friends here on my flist who have done such wonderful things for me in fannish ways (paying for userpics, paid accounts, helping with tapes and DVDs and creative things, birthday fics, etc.) and in RL. When I’ve needed you, you’ve come through for me, even if it’s just to post a fun entry on your LJ for the day. Know that you are loved.


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