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Fannish Things 'N' Super Bowl Rings

Hi, luvs!

We got hit with a foot of snow last week. Had to dig out!

I’ve also been on the downlow because of not feeling that well. I’ve had an upset stomach and my temp’s up a few degrees. A bit chilled, too.

It’s funny, when I had my 104-degree temp a few years ago I never even noticed it as I walked around until I started to get pain. I was surprised at this temp, too.

Some recs for you: when checking AmazonBoyToy I saw a link for HeckYeahSteveTrevor, a fun blog dedicated to Wonder Woman’s Pretty Pilot! There’s lots of Diana, too, of course. If you comment over there, tell 'em I said hi! :)

For Bruce/Dick fans, there’s Bruce-And-Dick

Fanfic is coming along. I finally finished a Man Of Steel piece that had been sitting without an ending in my notebook since July. I knew how I wanted to end it but not quite how to go about it, if that makes any sense. Finally finished it! Now I’ll see about revising while I type it up.

Another story did a major change on me. I decided to go in a different direction and had to abandon much of what I’d written, but I think I can use several scenes in another story.

Very enjoyable Super Bowl last week! Condolences to the Broncos fans on my flist, but it was a lot of fun to see Pouting Peyton once again bomb in the playoffs. I don’t even hate Peyton Manning as much as I hate the media lovefest that surrounds this guy. Before the last whistle was blown, people were busy saying that the loss wasn’t Manning’s fault. It’s true that the whole team was subpar, but since he is anointed the Great One and would have gotten all the credit if they’d won, he’s got to take the brunt of the loss.

The media who just LOVE Peyton twisted themselves into pretzels trying to keep the tarnish off their guy. Those INTs weren’t his fault, his arm was hit! Those bad decisions could be blamed on his wide receivers not getting open! His O-line didn’t block for him! All of which could be said to be true, but notice how it’s never Peyton’s fault?

I told my sister after the safety that started the game and said, “Manning Face!” and she laughed herself silly. It’s always fun to see the Manning Face!

What aggravates me is how the media slobbers over Manning. They’re dying to crown him the Greatest Of All Time and the facts just don’t add up. And, yes, of course I have a bias toward Tom, but these are the facts:

Manning has better records in the regular season, but the GOAT is judged more by the postseason:

Manning has an 11-12 record in the playoffs. He’s gone to 3 Super Bowls and won 1.

Tom has an 18-8 record in the playoffs. He’s gone to 5 Super Bowls and won 3.

Tom has not played well his last few playoff games, but the body of work shows his ability to come through in the playoffs.

Tom has always done more with less on offense than Peyton. With the exception of a few seasons with Randy Moss, Tom has never played with a Hall of Fame talent, and Peyton has. When Tom was given Randy as his receiver, he set all kinds of records in 2007.

Peyton was the No. 1 pick overall when drafted and has always been considered a great talent. Tom was drafted No. 199 in the 6th round and has had to fight for his position in college and the pros.

When Tom lost his Super Bowls, they went right down to the wire. Peyton’s loss last Sunday was not even competitive.

A media member, Steven A. Smith, talked to Justin Tuck of the New York Giants, one of the defensive ends who was all over Tom in the 2007 Super Bowl. Tuck said (paraphrased as I don’t remember the exact words): “We had him that day, but he never stopped coming at us. He didn’t wilt under the pressure. He’s a fighter.”

Did anyone get the feeling that Peyton kept coming at the Seahawks?

So there you go! Yes, I’m a Tom fan, and Peyton’s media syncophants bug me more than he does, but even if I wasn’t a Brady fan, I would consider Tom the better quarterback overall. Peyton deserved Offensive Player of the Year but Tom should have been MVP. Take him off the Patriots this year with those offensive weapons and where would the team have been? Not in the AFC Championship Game, that’s for sure!

Ah, well, the Broncos did us a favor by beating us in that game because the Seahawks were superior to the Pats on both sides of the ball except for QB. Saves the Patriots another Super Bowl loss. Thanks, Peyton!

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