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2014 Academy Award Nominations!!!

Hi, luvs!

Yay, my man Christian has been nominated for an Oscar again! *dances* It's for his role in American Hustle, known as the 'Worcester Movie' around these parts because several scenes were filmed in Central Massachusetts.

Quick List of the movie's major nominations:

Best Picture
Best Actor: Christian Bale
Best Actress: Amy Adams
Best Supporting Actor: Bradley Cooper
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Best Director: David O. Russell
Best Original Screenplay: Eric Warren Singer & David O. Russell
Best Production Design
Best Costume

Bruce and Lois did well in the nominations! ;)

You can find the whole list of nominees here at:

The film has a decent shot of taking home Best Picture, though I'm not sure they'll win in any other major category except for Jennifer Lawrence as Best Supporting Actress (gods, was she a hoot!). I would love to see Christian take home a second gold statuette, but he's already got one and a second nomination doesn't hurt the ol' career. :)

I do think that Jeremy Renner should have gotten a Best Supporting Actor nomination. He was outstanding as Camden's Mayor Carmen Polito in the film.

American Hustle is a funny, sly film with wonderful '70s trappings and an excellent cast. Go see it if you haven't already! :)

You can check out my review here but it has major spoilers.
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