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Div. Round: New England Patriots 43, Indianapolis Colts 22 (1-0) (12-5) (Saturday, January 11, 2014)

Divisional Round: New England Patriots 43, Indianapolis Colts 22 (1-0) (12-5) (Saturday, January 11, 2014)

Yes! Tom and the boys are going to the AFC Championship Game, Tom’s 8th in his 14-year career. Not bad, eh?

Once again, LeGarrette Blount was the man, running all over the Colts for FOUR touchdowns and a bunch of yards, and Stevan Ridley ran for 2 touchdowns, leaving Tom with no passing TDs! But he’ll take the win. ;)

Tom also was the holder on an extra point since punter Ryan Allen was hurt on a previous play. Looks like he might have a new job! ;)

Rookie LB Jamie Collins was all over the place, hurrying the quarterback, deflecting passes, intercepting a ball, and getting a sack.

Rain poured the entire night at Gillette Stadium and the wind was gusty, so most likely that was one of the reasons for the predominance of the running game. Will we see more power running next week? The Pats game plan differently every week, so who knows? They tailor their plan for the opponent instead of trying to run a game plan despite what the other team does.

Be prepared for the national media fawning over Peyton while ignoring Tom and the Patriots. It happens every time! But the Pats like that. Being the underdogs is their thing! ;)

The Seahawks beat the Saints and the 49ers won on the road against Carolina so it will be 49ers at Seahawks with New England at Denver.

So, see you next Sunday at 3:00 on CBS!
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