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Fanfic No-Goals For 2014 ;)

Hi, luvs!

Well, time to look forward for fanfic. Usually I’m an organized, goal-oriented person, but except for the first goal listed below I think I’ll do something different this year.

My one fanfic goal is to find the notebooks packed away in storage and type up the stories in there that I still need to complete my 12_stories Mel/Johnny table. I hate leaving a table unfinished.

As for the rest, my goals this year is to be goalless, LOL! Instead of saying, “I want to write at least one of these ideas” or “plan for this Big Bang”, I’m going to wing it and see where my Muses lead me. They usually are in charge, anyway, but this time I’m going to let them be even more in control.

For instance, I’ll be working on my Bruce/Dick AU (you’ve heard of that before!) but whenever I feel like it. If it’s 50% done by the time that dcu_bang has sign-ups, I’ll consider doing it this year, but maybe I won’t. Whatever I feel like, baby! ;)

I have other ideas, too. Not goals, just ideas that I would like to tackle if my Muses cooperate. They can be quite persnickety, you know.

I’m in a Steve/Diana mood. Since I only wrote 4 stories for them last year, it could be that I’m ready to write them again. I’ve been wanting to write more in the Golden Age for them, and finally got an idea last month which turned into Golden Age III: Christmas Cookies. Or I might go World War II-era again and try my hand at the Wonder Woman TV show. I’ve always wanted to write in that ‘verse but never got an idea worth writing. Maybe watching the show again after all these years on ME TV will inspire me this time! ;)

I’m kind of hoping to get back into The New Frontier series. That covers so many characters and mainly the ‘50s and early ‘60s, eras in which I have a lot of knowledge already.

There are three Bruce/Dick series that I’d either posted to A03 to catch up on older fics or posted something new late last year, so they might get attention, too.

Any Challenges I post, I usually end up contributing at least one fic.

I’ll see what clexmas has going on.

I’m not sure if I’ll be writing a lot of Clark/Bruce. After penning hundreds of stories since 2006, I may be a little burnt out on them, but I never say never! ;)

I'd like to continue Marvel stories. More Steve/Tony, Natasha/Pepper, and Clint/Coulson. Maybe try some Steve/Thor. Keep reading avengerkink.

I think this is the way to go for less pressure. Not that writing fanfic has a lot of pressure, except of the mild sort when it comes to deadlines for Challenges, Big Bangs, and Gift Exchanges. Since I am so outline-and-list-oriented, I thought I’d try something different this year. And organization isn’t out the window. In my experience, you can’t write without some kind of plan, whether it’s an outline or writing something every day.

My Bruce/Dick AU is outlined. I have 4 sections planned out, Section 1 written, and Section 2 half-written, but the outlines are to keep subplots and other things handy for me. My drifting this year entails more of not planning what stories I’ll write. The writing process remains the same, but the method of choosing which to write will be different. I kind of like the idea of bobbing on the waves and seeing where they lead me.

So don’t be surprised to see some of these ideas show up on my journal this year. :)

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