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Miss Sweet Corn! (Smallville Thoughts)

Smallville "Fierce" (Season 7) (Episode 3) (October 11, 2007) 

So that’s how they’re going to play it.  Kara saves Lex the exact same way that Clark did, and Lex acknowledges that fact and also says that he would have protected Clark if told the Secret!




Now I know that canon dictates that Clark and Lex become enemies, but screw canon! It sucks, and they’re going to blow it up this spring, anyway. 


I’m only interested in Smallville canon right now.  The lost opportunities just kill me here.  The funny thing is that I can’t blame Clark for not telling Lex, considering the magnitude of his Secret, but how different could the SV universe be if Lex had been told or discovered the truth sooner?  He would have been an invaluable ally, either as friend and/or lover.


He knows about Clark, and he’s not sure if Clark and Kara are saviors or warnings (or enemies/invaders).  He’s still protecting Clark, even if he doesn’t realize it, because he put Agent Carter on another trail.


Lots of relationship undercurrents in this episode.  I did see some chemistry between Kara and Jimmy, but I still like Chloe/Jimmy.  But now Jimmy thinks all the meteor freaks are destined to snap!  So Chloe is in a very precarious position.


BTW, Jimmy’s eyes are a lovely turquoise!  J


Kara’s right, Clark.  You can’t just grow old with Lana.  It’s not going to work.


But I have no problem with Clark considering himself one of us.  He’s lived his whole life here.  He knows us and his family’s here, and all his friends.  Why wouldn’t he consider himself one of us?


The only thing he still needs to learn is that he can be one of us emotionally. 


He can’t be one of us physically.


While he will understand us better than Kara, she has the outsider’s perspective to help Clark as much as he will help her to adjust to life on Earth.


This episode reminded me of the early seasons of Smallville for the meteor freak factor. Going back to their roots, I see. Unfortunately, it didn’t give us the Clex back except in a very sublimated fashion.


Sigh.  Lana’s back.  ‘Nuff said.


Lex obviously nervous while talking to her was touching. 


Lex trying to make up for his sins sounds very interesting, but will it last?  Could make for great redemption fic, though! ;)


Clark all nervous about Kara in a bathing suit was sweet.  I like a shy guy!  J


The harvest festival made me smile in the opening scenes, and I like the addition of Kara, but it’s a shame that essentially this show can’t really move forward.  Since it’s ironclad that Clark will never don the suit or begin his public career on this show, they’ll always be taking a step back.


Just have to sift the gold from the dross, I guess.  At least the eye candy of both genders is still delicious!  ;) 

Oh, and it's the Battle of the Supermen next week!  Dean Cain guest stars!  :) 



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