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2007 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge Quicklist Update

Three new additions to the quicklist! :)

If I've inadvertantly left out your work, sing out!

Well, so far the Halloween Challenge has been a big success! :) A few words:

Artists, I’ve modified it for your category. It’s tough to incorporate all the elements of the Challenge into one piece of art, so if you can do at least one, that’d be cool! And if you want to do a general Halloween-themed illo, icon, or manip, that would be great! We already have two fantastic pieces of art by rai_daydreamer and now icons by damo_in_japan.

I’ve assembled a quick list of what we have so far. All links are on the Main Page, and all WIPs are completed. If you don't see a link on on the Main Page, they are on the authors’ journals. I’m compiling a master list which will include headers and links to the fic in one easy-to-read list. I’m still requesting that anyone who has or will create a work for the Challenge to still post the link to the Main Page so that it will be complete. I’m doing a master list so that people won’t have to wade through all the comments, but those can be fun to read! :) Here’s what we have so far, and if I’ve missed someone, apologies! I’m taking these from the Main Page and so may have forgotten some if they haven’t been linked yet (also a little loopy from meds at the moment).

Ghosts (Clark/Bruce) by saavikam77

Transformation (Bruce/Dick) by saavikam77

It’s A Small Price To Have You Forever (Clark/Bruce)(Art) by rai_daydreamer

Cupcakes And Kisses (Tim/Roy) by greeneyelove

Cotton Candy Delight (Jason/Cass, Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Kon/Tim/Bart) by greeneyelove

Small Town Holidays (Wee!Clark) by merfilly


Halloween Icons by damo_in_japan

Halloween Knights (Clark/Bruce) by cavaleira

Caramel And Apples (Jason Todd) by saavikam77
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