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Snowy Evening

Hi, luvs!

Very snowy here tonight. Our second storm in three days! Lots of shoveling to do tomorrow.

I was going to see Thor 2: The Dark World with my cousin but we cancelled and are going to try again tomorrow night. The commute out of Boston is a nightmare. Traffic is locked all the way from the Zakim Bridge to New Hampshire, and Route 128 is a parking lot. The authorities sent public employees home early and urged private businesses to do so, but it's still gridlock out there.

It's very Christmassy around here. I've received several cards and a big package from Amazon. I had to go and get it from my local post office as it was sent to my old address. I'll have to update that on Amazon. My neighbor works at the post office and called me. So I went down and was happy to receive a big ol' box.

I thought someone had gifted me with books and DVDs because it was pretty heavy. I know you can get virtually anything from Amazon nowadays, but I still think of it as the place to get books, its original mission. :) So imagine my surprise when I opened it and it was a CHROMEBOOK!!! Yes, a laptop shiny and new! Omigosh! THANK YOU to the very generous person who sent this to me. I listed it on my Wish List as a shot-in-the-dark, never dreaming that someone would fulfill it! *dances*

I'll have to read the manual and I'm terrible at computer set-up, but maybe I can get someone to help me. I wonder if it requires any extra equipment to connect to the Internet? All questions to be answered! I'm very excited! :)

I hope you're all having a happy holiday season! Love you all! :)
Tags: christmas, friends, holiday, love, marvel comics, movies, rl, thank you, thor 2: the dark world, wish list, yule
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