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Wintry Weather!

Hi, luvs! Very wintry weather here, sleet and snow and a generally dangerous mix. I had to go out for a short while but I'm home the rest of the day, working, working, working, but safe! :)

My holiday checklist is pretty good, and most houses in the neighborhood are decorated now. My decorations are glittery bows. Maybe someday I can get a wreath! My mom loved wreathes. I sure miss her and Dad. :(

A little bummed out that my Dreamwidth paid account is expiring tomorrow. No more importing my comms over there! Drat! What's worse is my LJ icons will be going by January 13th. :( That is kind of depressing, because I love to dress up my entries with the different icons. I'd renew the packages myself but I can't for reasons I won't go into, but I'm a little sadface today. *clings to icons*

I'm working on a fairly long Clex story for the clexmas Holiday Gift Exchange. It was going to be short and then things started happening! :) But so far I have 14 handwritten pages done and am keeping up with typing as I revise.

I'm close to finished with my gift to the 2013 Clint/Coulson Holiday Gift Exchange. I need to go over some things my beta suggested and go over my coding for my entry. I don't want a messed-up code making my story look awful!

Since I'm not hosting a Winter Holidays Challenge this year I haven't been too much in the mood for holiday stories beyond the Exchanges, but who knows? The closer it gets to Yule and Christmas, I might have a short piece or two to post. :)

I have one more Steve/Diana story to post, possibly before the end of the year. I'm stuck for a title but I'm finally getting some ideas. This one has been off-and-on most of the year as I wrote slowly and then didn't have time to edit and then other stuff happened, but it might end up my first posted story of 2014! :)

Thank goodness for avengerkink! With so many comms and memes dead on LJ, this one is still thriving!

Oops, gotta get back to work! I'll try and squeeze in another post before tonight! :)
Tags: avengerkink, christmas, dreamwidth, family, fanfic, holiday, icons, lj, rl, snow, winter, writing, yule
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