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Week 12: New England Patriots 34, Denver Broncos 31 (OT) (8-3) (Sunday, November 24, 2013)

Week 12: New England Patriots 34, Denver Broncos 31 (OT) (8-3) (Sunday, November 24, 2013)

Biggest comeback win in franchise history! Only four teams out of five hundred chances to come back from 24 points or more at the half. The cold is California boy Tom’s magic wand and Peyton’s Kryptonite. ;)

The stats do show that Peyton is not good in cold weather (under the freezing temp of 32 degrees) and Tom is. How many times have we seen them face off in the snow and cold and Tom emerges victorious, whether regular season or playoffs?

The first half looked like I was going to use words like ‘dismal’ and ‘pathetic’ in this report. The Patriots could not hold onto the football, losing it three times in eight minutes! Stevan Ridley did it again, but he had plenty of company last night. It was bitter cold and the wind chill was close to zero. It reminded everyone of the Ice Bowl in January of 2004, a playoff game against the Tennessee Titans that was six degrees BELOW zero with the wind chill. The Pats won that game, too.

The wind howled from the end of Gillette Stadium with the lighthouse. It cut like a knife through everyone.

The Patriots were awful in the first half, but in the second half? They scored 31 unanswered points until the Broncos came back to tie the game at 31. The teams went into overtime and Coach Belichick allowed the Broncos to get the ball first into the wind. With the new rules a field goal scored first doesn’t win the game in OT anymore. It has to be a touchdown. So he took a risk after seeing how bad Peyton was in the conditions and won.

Tom thrives in the cold. He wears one glove while Peyton wore two and a neck warmer and a bunch of other stuff. Tom throws into wind and snow like no one else. No snow last night but the wind was crazy. Peyton can’t stand the cold. He’s played most of his career in a heated dome in Indianapolis. Welcome to Tom Brady’s world, Peyton.

It was thrilling to see the boys come back in the second half. It was still dicey as the Broncos tied up the game and sent it into overtime, but it was a great performance. And winning of course puts the icing on the cake!

Wes Welker did not have a good game. I’m sure that rankled him but it was good for us! I still wish he was on the team, but I’m glad he didn’t burn us, either.

The Jets and Dolphins lost and the Bills had a bye. The Pats really have to bomb to lose the division. They could end up the No. 2 seed if all goes well. We shall see!

NE 8-3
Miami 5-6
NYJ 5-6
BUFF 4-7 (Bye)
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