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JFK Special This Week On PBS

Hi, luvs! PBS is supposed to air a JFK special on American Experience this week. Check your local listings, but it looks like a two-parter on Monday and Tuesday. I can't confirm (Are you kidding? Some days I'm lucky to get into LJ, never mind PBS's site with dial-up!) but they've been doing previews without any info on the day or time. I happened to read it somewhere on-line awhile ago.

Whether you remember the days of the New Frontier, are a JFK scholar, or know nothing about him, you might find this documentary interesting. It's been fifty years, but what JFK faced during his Administration then is surprisingly relevant today in some areas. They will also cover his health issues (How the man survived in that much pain, I'll never know).
Tags: jfk, jfk (the 50th anniversary), tv
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