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Arrow 2.01-2.05

Since I’m so far behind in reviewing, I’ll just do a quick thematic post of the first five episodes.

I’m liking the direction of the series this season. I like Ollie changing from vigilante-to-hero and getting a proper name. It also pleases me that Tommy is the inspiration. Too often we get deaths of people important to the main character and then they’re forgotten. I hope they continue to mention Tommy throughout the rest of the series. I cry every time I see Tommy's death scene. :(

John and Felicity are true friends and partners. They went above-and-beyond to find Ollie, and Felicity parachute-jumping was a hoot!

I like Slade, and wonder if he was badly injured on the island in the explosion? Will he become Deathstroke?

Nice flip that Quentin Lance is now the Arrow’s partner and Laurel is opposed to him. And another twist of younger sister Sarah as Black Canary, though does anyone stay dead in a comics universe anymore?

I liked last night’s episode a lot. The reunion scene between Sarah and Quentin had me in tears. That father/daughter dynamic never fails to get me! I get why Sarah didn’t want to tell her family she was alive. She’s now an assassin and also the League is after her family.

Quentin is in one hell of a position. He understands why he can’t tell Laurel or his wife but they’ll be furious with him when they find out, and I can’t blame them. But I can’t blame him, either. It’s one of those aggravating gray issues that can drive you crazy. Both sides are right but there are reasons, y’know?

So now we get a new set of flashbacks as Ollie is off the island and Sarah becomes a good little assassin.

Nice symbolism with the canary on the raft. :)

Sarah/Felicity, anyone? ;)

Nice Ollie/John bonding at the end.

I’m glad Moira decided to fight in court though will be very curious to see what secret she’s keeping now.

I loved the connection to Ra’s and the League of Assassins. Too often DC has had this irritating thing of not crossing over among their own characters! Marvel knows it’s the thing to do and it’s about time DC got into it, too. They’re finally going to film a Superman/Batman movie, though if it tanks I fear that each hero will go back to being in his/her own little bubble.

Loved Sarah’s "You should mind your surroundings" line. :)

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