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Week 9: New England Patriots 55, Pittsburgh Steelers 31 (7-2) (Sunday, November 3, 2013)

Week 9: New England Patriots 55, Pittsburgh Steelers 31 (7-2) (Sunday, November 3, 2013)

Wow, what an offensive explosion! About time! :)

The first half went well for the Patriots and they led 24-10 at halftime over the Steelers. After three-and-out to start the second half, the Steelers came back to tie the game by scoring two touchdowns. The Pats answered with a field goal and they were off to the races, scoring 28 unanswered points in the fourth quarter.

Tom and the offense looked great. Gronk looked like his old force of nature self, and he, Julian Edelman, and Aaron Dobson all had over 100-yard receiving yards, the third time in NFL history that three receivers have gone over that mark in a single game. It was the first time in the Steelers’ long history that a team put up 55 points on them in a single game. Stevan Ridley fumbled once but had an otherwise good day with 115 yards and 2 touchdowns, and all three receivers had touchdowns. Tom connected with Aaron on an 81-yard route that was reminiscent of Randy Moss! J Tom threw for 432 yards and 4 touchdowns, and total offense was 610 yards!

Okay, it was a great explosion but we can’t get carried away. Still, it looks like the offense if finally beginning to gel.

The defense had their share of good plays, grabbing interceptions and forcing fumbles and keeping the Steelers out of the end zone in the fourth quarter. Rob Ninkovich left with an injury in the second quarter but he should be okay to play after the bye week, and Stephen Gregory has a broken thumb, but is expected to play after the bye as well.

A great way to go into the bye week! After the bye, they will be on Monday Night Football on October 18th against the Carolina Panthers.

The Dolphins and Jets won and the Bills lost this week.

NE 7-2
NYJ 5-4
Miami 4-4 (OT)
BUFF 3-6

The Red Sox were at Gillette Stadium with the World Series trophy the day after a great parade through the streets of Boston, starting at Fenway Park. They used the duck boats and after rolling through the streets, went for a spin around the Charles River in the boats. Very versatile boats! ;) It was a perfect New England fall day, golden and crisp and happy. The overhead shot of the boats in the river showed gorgeous deep-blue water and trees of all colors on the banks: yellow, red and orange. It was our 8th championship celebration since 2002: Patriots: 3, Red Sox: 3, Celtics: 1, and Bruins: 1. :)
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