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Week 7: New York Jets 30, New England Patriots 27 (OT) (5-2) (Sunday, October 20, 2013)

Very disappointing game. The Patriots dominated the first half with excitement like a pick-6 by rookie Brad Ryan and Gronk back making great catches and getting greater YAC. Unfortunately the third quarter was full of mistakes and allowed the Jets to get back into the game. A pity that a great 28-yard punt return by Julian Edelman was wasted and Tom threw a pick-6 so that the lead was whittled.

Tom is not himself. His accuracy is way off this year. The rookie receivers are part of it, but not all of it. Could he be injured? Possibly. He's getting older? Peyton Manning is a year older than him. The difference? Peyton, as usual, has great weapons around him. Tom has none this year, and I put that on the Patriots' front office. They stuck him with a bunch of rookie receivers. Of course they had no idea what would happen with Aaron Hernandez, but they let Wes Welker go and knew Gronk was going to be delayed recovering from forearm and back surgeries. Ridiculous plan!

And the ref in overtime handed the game from the Pats to the Jets with that penalty call during the 56-yard field goal attempt, which made it a chip shot for the Jets' kicker. Game over.

Of course, the Pats should not have been in that position to begin with. They are wildly inconsistent and if they don't correct that, they won't be going deep into the playoffs this year.

The Bills beat the Dolphins in their divisional game.

Better news is that the Red Sox clinched the American League pennant and will host the St. Louis Cardinals Wednesday night at Friendly Fenway! :) St. Louis beat the club in 1946 and 1967 but lost to them in 2004, so let's even this up, shall we? A Shane Victorino grand slam cemented the win. Closer Koji Uehara won the MVP for the series.

NE 5-2 (OT)
NYJ 4-3 (OT)
Miami 3-3
BUFF 3-4


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Oct. 22nd, 2013 07:31 am (UTC)
Losing sucks, but losses to the Jets suck even worse. Ugh, I hate Rex Ryan and his team. For once, we actually got the Patriots game here and I was sad that it had to end the way it did.

The difference? Peyton, as usual, has great weapons around him. Tom has none this year, and I put that on the Patriots' front office.
My sister and I have had several conversations on this exact topic, and it's frustrating. Tom only has a few good years left and it sucks that they're wasting his time. They brought in Amendola but they knew Amendola was injury prone. After what happened with Hernandez, they had cap space so they should've brought in someone trustworthy, like a Bolden or Victor Cruz! Hell, even bring back Branch. Just a veteran who Brady can count on. He doesn't have it now, which explains why he kept throwing it to Gronk so much in this past game.

Hopefully next week goes better. Beating Miami is a must.
Oct. 22nd, 2013 04:43 pm (UTC)
I loathe Rex Ryan and the Jets! Reports today say that they went to the officials and made them aware of what the Pats were doing. That just smacks of tattletale-ism to me, though of course all football coaches do it. It's still weaselly because it's the Jets! ;)

They have to win over Miami. They've already got a division loss and that's not good. Tom still has nobody to throw to. *sighs*

I hated them letting Wes go. Amendola is a Delicate Danny. He can't stay on the freakin' field! And he had a history of that, so it's all on the front office.

At least Pouting Peytie is no longer unbeaten. Yay, Colts! ;)
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