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Week 6: New England Patriots 30, New Orleans Saints 27 (5-1) (Sunday, October 13, 2013)


Tommy Clutch, Tom Terrific, Tommy Fashion Plate…it was all on the table during Week 6! ;)

The game was a rollercoaster ride at Gillette Stadium. In the first half, the Patriots dominated, leading by 10 points at the half. Tom finally looked in sync with his receivers. In the second half, the Saints began marching up and down the field and it looked as if the Pats might lose another game, their lead frittered away. It really looked like trouble when Danny Amendola was knocked cold and Aquib Talib went out with a hip injury. There were other key injuries, too.

With less than three minutes to go, Tom and the offense couldn’t convert on fourth down. Ball back to the Saints. The defense stops them. Tom and the offense have a second chance. Tom throws an interception. Ball back to the Saints. Another defensive stand! Chance number three! And you can’t give Clutch Brady that many chances, my friends. Boom, boom, boom, down the field like he was back in the 2002 Super Bowl. No time-outs like then, too. Laser pass to Kenbrell Thompkins in the endzone! Huzzah!

No more unbeaten Saints. Just the Chiefs and Broncos left. :)

And later on in Fenway Park, Big Papi swings and hits a grand slam to tie the game in the eighth inning and the Sox go on to win in the ninth after seven innings of being stymied by Detroit pitchers for the second night in a row. Whoo hoo!

The Jets and Bills lost and the Dolphins* were on their bye week.

NE 5-1

Miami 3-2* (Bye)

NYJ 3-3

BUFF 2-4

P.S. They said Tommy was wearing a hipster sweater at his press conference. I missed it so will have to check Google. ;)


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Oct. 15th, 2013 12:32 am (UTC)
That was a crazy game and a crazier ending. Sucks for the people who left early! Unfortunately, even though it was America's Game of the Week, we got the 49ers/Cardinals game here but we were keeping track of the Pats/Saints one. I hope that Talib, Amendola and Mayo are okay. Especially Talib. He's such a key part of their game and they can't afford to lose him.

P.S. They said Tommy was wearing a hipster sweater at his press conference. I missed it so will have to check Google. ;)
Hipster, grandma sweater ... it's one of those two. Of course he'd look good in a paper bag but it was a funny sweater. You can just for yourself if you like: http://prod.static.patriots.clubs.nfl.com//assets/images/imported/NE/photos/Centerpiece-710x380/2013/October/710x380-20131013-brady-post-press-play.jpg XD
Oct. 15th, 2013 04:40 pm (UTC)
Crazy is the word for it! It was a game that went up-and-down and the Saints actually looked vulnerable! It would have been a disappointment to lose after that early lead but not surprising, considering the state of the Pats this year with rookie receivers and injuries galore, but Tommy pulled it off! :)

Heh heh, I saw a pic of the sweater. Very pretty Irish knit sweater. He likes to push the edge with fashion. I read an unauthorized bio of him right after the first Super Bowl and his rookie year roomie said that he loved to fuss and primp before going out. He was pretty casual with jeans most of the time that first year but once he got the cachet and money he definitely wanted to try new looks. I doubt it's all Giselle dragging him to fashion shows. ;)
Oct. 15th, 2013 09:35 pm (UTC)
the Saints actually looked vulnerable!
Seriously, I mean on defense, they're still improving, but I thought the Saints offense was looking pretty unstoppable there for a while and the Pats shut them down. As for Brady, he continues to prove he can win with anybody. XD

Well, Welker (who I will never not miss, especially after that failed high five gif of Brady and Edelman went around) did call him the toughest Metrosexual he knows, so that doesn't surprise me, but it's still cute. :D
Oct. 16th, 2013 04:46 pm (UTC)
It was impressive how the defense played. Unfortunately, we've lost Jerod Mayo to a torn pectoral. He had surgery yesterday and was placed on IR, so he's done for the season. :( The injuries are getting ridiculous!

I'm not surprised that Wes said that. He's got a wicked sense of humor. ;)

I've always figured BB and the players just ride with Tommy's 'peccadilloes' since he's so great. If a guy plays like he does and has three rings, he can wear all the Irish knit sweaters he wants and model with a goat in his arms any time! ;)

Edited at 2013-10-16 11:13 pm (UTC)
Oct. 15th, 2013 02:17 am (UTC)
The Patriots game was so awesome. After all the drops started happening in the second half, I thought they wouldn't be able to pull it off, but I was still really impressed by the effort - after all, the Saints are definitely one of the teams to beat this year.

And then, the Pats just kept getting the ball back! And as you say, give Tom that many chances and we will burn you.

And then came the nightcap! I thought at the top of the 8th that the Pats must have used up all the Boston Mojo for the weekend. I couldn't have been more wrong, or more happy about being wrong.
Oct. 15th, 2013 04:41 pm (UTC)
Aaron Dropsy! ;) I wish Dobson could quit the drops. He's got talent.

Big Papi does it again! ;)
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