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Ficcish Thoughts

Hi, darlings! It's a crisp, colorful autumn day here and I've been productive this week writing-wise. I've finished up some details on my FFP fanfic and am waiting for them to get the edits back to me. *sighs* Working with a start-up can be frustrating! It doesn't look as if the trilogy will be ready for the Christmas buying season at this rate, which is very disappointing. I also worked on my other profic this week and will start researching places that I might submit that manuscript.

For fanfic,I just finished placing ctbn60's art on my dcu_bang story. My last item on the checklist is to see if the art fits into LJ entries. I'll try that this weekend. With dial-up, you have to be in the mood to wrestle with this! :)

I have a nice queue of stories you'll be seeing with another Halloween story as one of the fics ready to go! :)

I started my Bruce/Dick AU that I've decided not to plan ahead on at all. Usually if I have a project in mind I do plan things out. This time I decided to go and see where it led me. I'm going to do my research at a leisurely pace (I've already started) and have written about 1200 words so far. If the story becomes Big Bang-length, I may consider it submitting it to dcu_bang next year. If not, I'll just post it when I'm ready. And if I'm still working on it and miss the deadline, so be it! No stress, no pressure, no deadlines! Though if for some crazy reason I finish a Big Bang-length fic long before dcu_bang does sign-ups, I may just post on my own. That's of course if the mods do dcu_bang again next year. Who knows? dark_fest was hosted for several years and then, poof!, nothing this year. So I'd say planning too far ahead for Big Bangs isn't too productive. So we'll see where this takes me. So far I'm having a blast writing this! :)

Hope all is well with you and those Halloween ideas are bubbling! ;)
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