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Thank You! :)

Hi, guys! I had a GREAT birthday yesterday! I plan to make a post about it as soon as I can. :) And it was fun to log on and find all these goodies waiting for me! Thank you SO MUCH! You’re the greatest! :)

I received:

Wonderful Birthday Greetings from:

jen_rock, samanddeanfan1, morganichele, eternal_moonie, digitalwave, dr_feel_good_md, whipsy, silvertales, ilovetobefree (Beautiful Roses!), phoenixnz, lilacs_roses, me_ya_ri, quyllur, rileyc, kittymayhem and northernwalker

Beautiful Greeting Card (and Virtual Eclairs!) from:


Gorgeous V-Gifts from:

ctbn60 (Yummy Chocolate Cupcake, Colorful Balloons, Pretty Flowers!), northern_star (A Festive Drink!) and northernwalker (Bubbly Champagne!)

Awesome Christian Bale Wallpaper from:


Fantabulous Fic from:

Oasis: (Heroes Of The Squared Circle) (Steve/Diana) by mithen

The Restaurant (Steve/Diana) by starsandsea

Halloween Time (Wee!Dick + Bruce + Alfred) by whipsy
Tags: birthday, birthday fic, flist, friends, love, rl, thank you
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