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Week 5: New England Patriots 34, Cleveland Browns 17 (5-0) (October 7, 2007)

Week 5: New England Patriots 34, Cleveland Browns 17 (5-0) (October 7, 2007)

Still unbeaten! :)

The game started out sluggishly for New England, as the defense wasn't crisp but grew stronger as the game progressed. Junior Seau, Asante Samuel and Randall Gay had intereceptions, Gay returning his for a touchdown, and Tom Brady threw three touchdowns, matching a record set by Steve Young for 3 TDs in the first five games of the season.

The offense stalled in the red zone twice and only came away with field goals. They also had too many three-and-outs in this game. Lots of work to do this week! Coaches love to have something to gripe about, and BB is a master at it! :)

Romeo Crennel, the head coach of the Browns, was our defensive coordinator for years and for all three Super Bowls. We wish him well (just not today!) and he has improved this team since he became HC three years ago.

The Patriots will have to tighten things up and sharpen their skills for Dallas next week, but if you win by 17 points and call it disappointing, I guess you're in pretty good shape! :)
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