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Week 2: New England Patriots 13, New York Jets 10 (2-0) (Thursday, September 12, 2013)

Week 2: New England Patriots 13, New York Jets 10 (2-0) (Thursday, September 12, 2013)

Oh, 'twas an ugly win, my friends, and I don't mean the pouring rain in the second half.

The offense STUNK! The wide receivers are AWFUL! They got a gift with this schedule and playing two subpar teams, but even then it was a struggle to win. I don't know what they'll do against good teams.

Tom looked as if he wanted to walk off the field and go home. The frustration was there for all to see. The receivers are rookies but should show SOME improvement by now. It isn't just Week 2 for them. They've had mini-camps and training camp and pre-season games, but even though real games are very different, you're supposed to improve! Not run the wrong routes and not even turn around to see where your quarterback is throwing the ball! AND CATCH THE DAMNED BALL!!! There were more drops than at the candy counter last night. >:(

It is a DISGRACE that a Hall Of Fame quarterback is surrounded by these low-grade receivers. I hated them letting Wes go and if he was here, things would definitely not be as bad. His replacement, Delicate Danny Amendola, is a good player but it only took 'til the FIRST QUARTER of the FIRST GAME for him to be injured. He's an injury-prone player and will be out 2-6 weeks with a groin injury, and Shane Vereen can't return until eight weeks from now since he's on Injured Reserve With A Designation To Return. If Julian Edelman goes down, we're screwed.

Tom is 36 years old. Time is ticking away. GET HIM SOME WEAPONS!!!

At least the defense showed up with four sacks and three picks. And the Jets didn't cover themselves with glory with that scrum at the end with two of their players getting ejected.

Good thing the Jets' receivers are even worse otherwise we would have been in trouble!

Pats are now 2-0, Jets 1-1, and the Dolphins and Bills play this Sunday.

Next up: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to Gillette on September 22nd. Ten days to work a miracle!
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