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Fic: The Family Business (2/3) (2013 Bruce/Dick Ficathon/Mini-Bang)

Title: The Family Business (2/3)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Bruce/Dick, Alice Milkowski
Genres: Angst, Challenge, Drama, Romance
Rating (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Dick is uncertain about his future.
Chapter Summary: Dick visits Bruce at Wayne Enterprises.
Artist: The fabulously-talented Giallodih! Art can be found here (Tumblr) and here (Deviantart).
Date Of Completion: June 14, 2013
Date Of Posting: September 24, 2013
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1698 (Total: 4994)
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for the 2013 Bruce/Dick Ficathon. All chapters can be found here.

Chapter One: Naked Greeks Bearing Gifts

Chapter Two: The Jewel In The Prince’s Crown

Chapter Three: The Heir Apparent

On A03



He glittered
Like the greatest jewel
In the Prince’s crown
And was treasured
Even more.

Sir Alan Embree
"Days Of The Raj
And Other Poems"
1922 C.E.

The Wayne Enterprises building was a mixture of sleek and antiquated located in the business district of Gotham City. The branch-off of the Wayne Foundation headquarters was located in a 19th-century brownstone in the arts district, but business required modernity, even in gargoyle-infested Gotham, so the old-fashioned façade of the business side of the company was Art Deco at its finest. When Bruce’s grandfather Arthur Wayne had moved his business from the brownstone to the newly-completed building in 1933, it had heralded hope in Great Depression Gotham. The clean lines and spire at the top of the building had been the latest fashion back then, and still was admired in the 21st century.

Dick walked through the lobby with featured pink, polished marble floors and columns and colorful artwork on the walls. When he had first seen the lobby, it had been all gray stone and bland, off-white walls. Even as a youngster he had complained about it looking like a cross between a hospital and a prison. Alfred had stifled a laugh as Bruce had merely lifted an eyebrow, but within a week a major overhaul of the lobby had begun.

Dick rode the elevator up to Bruce’s floor, nodding pleasantly at the receptionist. She smiled as he walked down the corridor, brightened occasionally by paintings from the finest artists.

The office at the end of the hall bore the legend, Bruce Wayne, President & Chief Executive Officer. Bruce’s Secretary, Alice Milkowski, was a pleasant, middle-aged woman with perfectly-coiffed brown hair and a sharp green business suit with a gold starburst pin on the lapel.

“Good morning, Dick.”

“Good morning, Alice.” Dick indicated the office door with his head. “Is he in?”

“Yes, and in a good mood, too.”

“Wow, it’s my lucky day.”

“How was class this morning?” Alice shuffled through a stack of papers on her desk.

“Pretty good. American History is a nice change from Accounting or Business Management.”

“Ah, but the future CEO has to learn these things.”

Dick sighed theatrically. “I suppose so.”

Alice smiled. “Good. Go right on in.”

Dick opened the door and walked in as Bruce spoke on the telephone. Bruce waved him in and Dick closed the door. He set his backpack down and drifted over to the tall glass windows and gazed out over the city. It was a bright day and Gotham looked as bright and cheerful as Metropolis in the sunlight, an oddity to be sure.

Dick half-listened to Bruce’s conversation. He watched a robin fly by, his lips curving into a smile. He wished that he was out flying right now. There was nothing like the freedom of flying. It was the purest form of joy.

Bruce hung up and said, “Nice view.”

“It is.”

“I don’t mean the city.”

Dick smirked as he spread his legs apart. His jeans were tight and he knew that Bruce had noticed, because Bruce noticed everything.

Dick could hear the creak of the leather chair behind the desk. There was no sound of expensive leather shoes on the plush, cobalt-blue carpet. Strong hands clamped down on his shoulders as Dick could smell Bruce’s distinctive cologne. He leaned back into Bruce’s embrace.

“Cut that out,” Bruce grumbled good-naturedly as Dick brushed his ass against Bruce’s groin.

Dick laughed. “You started it.”

Bruce chuckled in his ear. “I did, didn’t I?” He pushed his hips forward. “Should I chase you around the desk?”

“How about bending me over the desk?”

“That can be arranged.” Bruce nipped at the nape of the younger man’s neck. He started to drag Dick toward his desk.

Dick’s heart rate speeded up as he allowed Bruce to drag him toward the desk. Bruce pushed him facedown, scattering a few papers. The desk was not the massive oak as in the study at Wayne Manor, but it was solid cherrywood. The walls were painted pale blue and featured the avantgarde artwork that intrigued them both.

Dick laughed silently. Here he was ready to be fucked by Bruce and he was ruminating about decorating schemes! But the desk was close to his face so it wasn’t all that weird.

Or maybe it is but who cares? I’m gonna get me some!

He heard the click of the lock and Bruce took care of the door. Bruce strode back across the carpet and rested his hand on the small of Dick’s back.

“Relax,” Bruce murmured. He walked around to the other side of the desk and opened the bottom drawer.

“Always prepared, huh?” Dick teased.

“Smart mouth. We should put it to better use later. First things first.”

Bruce came around behind Dick and gently pulled his jeans down, caressing his buttocks. Dick shivered as Bruce slowly pulled down his briefs next.

“Perfect,” Bruce said in quiet awe.

Dick closed his eyes as Bruce prepared him using one finger, then two. Dick was always prepared for Bruce.

Bruce stroked his lover’s hips and unzipped his pants, nudging his cock against Dick’s ass. Dick relaxed as Bruce massaged his back, slowly entering him with practiced ease. Dick clenched his buttocks around Bruce’s cock, grabbing onto the edge of the desk to brace himself. Bruce began to rock as he thrust in deeper, sending waves of pleasure through Dick’s body.

“You feel so good,” Bruce moaned, strong hands gripping slim hips. He rubbed his thumbs over silken skin and thrust in a little harder.

Dick moaned as he was stretched and filled by the man he loved. He matched Bruce’s rhythm by pushing back and glorying in the sensation of being claimed. Being taken by Bruce was always exhilarating.

He closed his eyes and let his sensations take over. He could smell the combined cologne and sweat and feel Bruce’s fingers digging into his flesh as he filled him. Gasps and grunts echoed in the office as Bruce rode his young lover.

Dick reached down and cupped himself as he balanced himself on one hand. It was handy having perfect balance. He could feel himself close to coming. One last thrust from Bruce sent him over the edge and the spilled into his own hand. Bruce hit his climax seconds later and Dick could feel the full force of his orgasm. Bruce kissed his left shoulder blade before pulling out.

Bruce cleaned them up, one of his perks as CEO of the company being a private bathroom. Dick welcomed his ministrations and flopped into the comfortable chair in front of the desk once his pants were zipped up.

“Wow, I hope you don’t greet all your visitors this way.”

Bruce chuckled as he went around to his side of the desk. “Not a chance.” He sat down and asked, “Are you visitor or worker today?”

Dick sighed. “I’m not sure.”

Bruce raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

Dick leaned forward. “I’m just not sure about all this.”

“All what?”

Dick waved his hand to indicate the office. “All this. The company and my place in it.”

Bruce re-stacked the papers they had scattered. “Do you want your own office?”

“I haven’t graduated college yet. I don’t think it’d look good to have my own office.”

“You’re going to take over someday.” Bruce cocked his head. “Or does that bother you?”

Dick slumped in his chair. Alfred would frown in disapproval. Gentlemen did not slump. “I’m not sure. I’m not the business type. I’m a guy who likes sequined jackets, not Brooks Brothers suits with conservative ties.” He laughed as Bruce adjusted his baby-blue silk tie. “I wear tuxes and suits for the formal balls and museum exhibits but you know I prefer jeans and those sequins.”

“Corporate types wear jeans nowadays.”

“Yeah, for Facebook and Google, but this is Wayne Enterprises.”

Bruce set aside the papers. “Do you mean you’d rather not take over someday?”

Dick sighed. “I know it’s expected but do I fit? I’m a circus brat, Bruce, and I punch bad guys at night. Crimefighting is where my heart really is. I’m not a corporate type.” Dick sat up straighter with a wry smile. “Heaven knows you and Alfred have despaired of my fashion sense. I’m sequins and sparkles at heart, not that Brooks Brothers or Savile Row jazz. I could never be you.”

Bruce smiled gently. “I don’t expect you to be.”

Dick wasn’t sure if he was disappointed or relieved. “Maybe I’m not good at this business thing.”

“Maybe not. How are you doing in your business courses?”

“Fine. They’re awfully dry as dust.”

Bruce smiled. “They are. But high finance can be exciting in ways the textbooks don’t explain.”

Dick swept the unruly bangs back from his eyes. “I prefer the Wayne Foundation side of the business.”

“Admirable. The Foundation was set up and administered by my mother. She’d approve of you taking that over.” Bruce picked up a gold Cross pen and lightly tapped the blotter.

“Isn’t that part of the Wayne Enterprises deal?”

“It is, though it’s separate in a lot of ways.” Bruce set down the pen and rose from his chair. He came around the desk to sit on the edge in front of Dick. “If you’re concerned, don’t forget that Lucius is here to help you. He’s invaluable to me, you know.”

“I know.”

Bruce reached out and touched his finger to Dick’s cheek. “Though you’re even more invaluable.”

Dick grinned and reached his leg out to touch his foot against Bruce’s thigh. “I’m the jewel in the Prince’s crown.”

“Most definitely.”

Bruce leaned forward and kissed Dick as his lover wrapped his legs around Bruce’s.

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