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Fic Tally (August 2013)

August saw only two fics posted but it's quality, my dears, quality! :)

DC Comics stories were:

Red Sky At Morning I: Painting ‘N’ Pie is my first Man Of Steel story and includes that other Nolanverse hero, Batman! :)

Marvel Comics stories were:

Posting of the multiple chapters of Tales-By-The-Sea I: "My Kingdom For A Lobster!!!" ;) began and ended this month. It’s a fluffy Avengers beach vacation story with undercurrents of hurt/comfort as the weary team is ordered to have fun by Fury. :)

Quick 12_stories Challenge update:

Stories posted this month: 0

Numbers so far since I started the table in 2011:

Mel/Johnny: 9 of 12

Total: 9 of 12

Total number of all fics in August 2013: 2

Total number of all fics in 2013: 30

August Word Count: 9,820

Total 2013 Word Count: 66,396

Tags: black widow/pepper potts, bruce banner, captain america/iron man, clark kent/bruce wayne, clint barton/phil coulson, dc comics, dr. donald blake, fanfic, fic tally, hawkeye/phil coulson, jonathan kent/martha kent, marvel comics, natasha romanoff/pepper potts, red sky at morning, steve rogers/tony stark, superman/batman, tales-by-the-sea, the avengers, the hulk, thor odinson, writing
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