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Bats And Arrows Play Well Together (LSH, The Batman) (October 6, 2007)

Legion of Super Heroes, The Batman (Episode 3) (October 6, 2007)

Good episodes today.  In LSH, Timberwolf is accused of murdering his father, the man who made him half-man, half-animal, and the Legion sentences him to prison for life due to the overwhelming evidence.  Except that Phantom Girl and Chameleon Boy don’t go along with the program, and help Timberwolf escape.


I did like seeing Kell-El this week and how he was trying to find ways to support Brin.  Cosmic Boy came off as pompous and too addicted to procedures and rules. 


It was a good character study of a hero unsure of his own heroism.


The Batman made me smile today, as Green Arrow and Batman worked together in Gotham, just as they’re doing in the current chapters of Rainbow’s Freedom, LOL.


I love GA as a character.  He’s an unabashed liberal, which I like, and it’s typical that when he thought a corporate fat cat (Bruce) was doing something to make people sick, he was instantly there to investigate.


Something was making people sick in the neighborhoods surrounding Wayne Labs, and the mysterious illness especially affected children.  Ollie was taking care of the sick kids, donating time and money to help them out when we see him as Ollie for the first time (we'd already seen him in action as Green Arrow).


Later, Robin succumbs to the mysterious virus and needs rescuing by both Batman and Green Arrow.  Great action, and I loved how Batman held Robin close and as safely as he could while they in the water (all three having fallen in at different times).  Bruce’s concern for Dick throughout this episode was wonderful to see.  J


The teamwork between Bruce and Ollie was pretty smooth for the first time.  Bats and Arrows play well together.  J 


Good telling of GA’s origin story.


And, finally, a nod to the old joke about Ollie copying everything of Bruce’s in his early career, as he is quite taken with the Batcave and Batmobile.  Wouldn’t it be cool if he showed up next time with a sidekick, aka Speedy?  ;)   

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