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Tales-By-The-Sea I: "My Kingdom For A Lobster!!!" ;) (2/4)

Title: Tales-By-The Sea I: “My Kingdom For A Lobster!!!” ;) (2/4)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Thor Odinson, Bruce Banner, Steve/Tony, Natasha/Pepper, Clint/Phil
Continuity: The Avengers (2012)
Genres: Fluff, Humor, (A Touch Of Hurt/Comfort), Romance, Slice-Of-Life
Rating (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Battle-weary Avengers are sent on vacation by Nick Fury with the dictum…have fun or else! ;)
Chapter Summary: A day at the beach is just what the doctor ordered.
Date Of Completion: August 8, 2013
Date Of Posting: August 22, 2013
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Marvel and Paramount do, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 2751
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Inspired by this prompt avengerkink. The entire series can be found here.



Sandcastles and sandwiches
Make for happy campers
During a day
At the beach.

Ella Rosenstein
"A Day At The Beach"
1957 C.E.

Thor was awake as the first rays of the sun streaked the sky with rose-pink, lemon-yellow, and tangerine-orange. The water began to sparkle as a lobster boat chugged to its owner’s trap line.

He was pleased at the setting. The royal castle had been located by an Asgardian ocean, and he and Loki had spent many happy childhood hours on the shore. He felt the old familiar pang of sorrow whenever he thought of his brother.

Better not think of Loki. I would prefer to enjoy my holiday with my friends. I dare not mention his name. He hurt them all, especially Clint and Phil.

Bruce stirred next to him but settled back to sleep. It was quiet out on the side porch, so Steve and Tony were still asleep. It was quiet upstairs, too.

Thor carefully got out of bed. He wore a lightweight tunic and slipped outside past the sleeping couple on the porch.

He walked the short distance to the beach, the sand cool on his bare feet. The waves rolled in and left a rim of foam on the glittering sand. It was a peaceful time of day just before the world awakened. Thor raised his arms and tilted his face toward the sun, closing his eyes as a strong wind blew up off the ocean, ruffling his hair.

He listened to the screech of the seagulls and smelled the sea air as he tasted its salty tang on his tongue. He wanted to absorb every sensation. It was similar to home but different enough for him to want to explore.

He was weary, too, though he tried to keep up a cheerful façade. In fact, this vacation, as it was called, was already healing him.

He stayed on the beach for several minutes and then returned to the cottage. As he quietly walked into the screened-in porch, Steve smiled at him from his bed. Tony was still sound asleep and curled up against his lover. Steve’s arm was around him and he had never looked happier.

“I will start breakfast,” Thor whispered.

“Thank you,” Steve mouthed back.

Thor went into the kitchen. Despite some people’s opinion of him as ‘a bull in a china shop’, he knew how to be quiet. A Warrior had to practice stealth, after all. He carefully took out the pots and pans and started cooking eggs, bacon and sausage. Soon it was all crackling and sizzling in the pans, and Bruce slowly came awake.

“Mmm, that smells great, Thor.” He slid out of bed, clad in a pair of pajama bottoms. “Be with ya soon.” He yawned, dragging himself up the stairs once he’d grabbed his clothes from the closet. Minutes later, Thor heard the water in the shower running as he searched the refrigerator again, pleased at how thoroughly S.H.I.E.L.D. had stocked it. He found some oranges and took those out, slicing them up and arranging them on plates.

"Can I help?" Bruce asked as he entered the kitchen after fixing the sheets and closing up their bed back into a couch. The kitchen and living room were open spaces and gave the small cottage more breathing space. A counter was set between the two rooms.

"The morning is a fine one. Perhaps set up the deck for dining?"

Bruce grinned. "I like your thinking, God of Thunder."

They could hear friendly bickering on the porch. Bruce used the kitchen door to go out onto the deck just as Steve came inside.

"Smells great, Thor!"

"I am pleased, Steve. Good food to start the day is a must, eh?"

Steve grinned. He went to the closet and pulled out some clothes and went upstairs.

Thor had tied his hair back, aware of Midgardian fussiness about food preparation He thought it would be a good study if when he returned to Asgard he would relax with familiar customs or be corrupted by Midgardian ones.

Bruce came back in for the plates as Tony appeared from the porch. "My Boy Scout likes camping out." He yawned and rubbed his eyes.

Thor and Bruce grinned. Tony's hair was sticking up and his eyes were bleary. "Relax, Tony, Steve won't have you rubbing two sticks together to start a fire," Bruce teased.

"Ha, ha." Tony shuffled across the room and leaned on the counter. "Gee, ain't this homey."

"Don't be sarcastic, Tony," Bruce chided.

"Well, did you expect a shack on the Maine coast for our vacation?"

Bruce's smile was gentle. "Tony, a posh resort in Cancun or Oahu just wouldn't cut it. We're all tired, bruised and battered. A retreat far from the madding crowd is just the ticket."

Tony rubbed his eyes again. "I know, I know, I just feel like I'm on the Good Ship Lollipop with the biggest Boy Scout of them all."

"Hey, you're the one who fell for the big lug."

Tony put his head down on his arms and groaned as Steve came down the stairs with a bright smile.

& & & & & &

Pepper was pleased as they all enjoyed breakfast on the deck. "I never knew you could cook so well, Thor." She was impressed.

"Thank you, Pepper." Thor beamed at her praise.

"Wow, you couldn't get a better view at a four-star hotel," Clint remarked.

Bruce and Thor exchanged amused looks while Tony sighed.

Pepper reflected on how even now, after months of togetherness, they were still learning things about each other. Thor's culinary skills were a delightful surprise. She also thought he looked cute with his hair in a ponytail. Sipping her coffee, she knew that the day was going to be a good one.

& & & & & &

Phil was glad for Clint's arm as they walked to the beach. He was dressed in shorts, sandals, a T-shirt, and an old soft hat. Sunglasses shaded his eyes. He was grateful for his pain medication, but fearful of addiction, he had requested a less powerful drug. His chest and back wounds ached but at least they weren't throbbing.

He relied on Clint's strength. He could feel his physical strength in the well-muscled arm he clung to and the younger man's emotional strength was even more powerful.

Once they reached the sand, Steve opened the lounge chair he had carried and Thor planted the umbrella in the sand and opened it. Pepper spread out a large blanket and everybody set out their own beach towels. Natasha set a large cooler on the blanket while Bruce put down a covered picnic basket. He and Thor placed several beach chairs against the rocks.

"A Sea Dog towel?" Tony smirked.

Steve grinned. "I picked it up in that little shop on 52nd."

"Very prepared," Tony drawled. “Either we can sit on a beach towel or a chair. Pays to have a Boy Scout in the house."

Steve grinned and took no offense at the jab. He pulled off his powder-blue T-shirt. He was wearing matching swim trunks. He set his sandals neatly onto his beach towel.

Phil could see the livid bruises on Steve's torso and an ugly yellowish-green bruise on his upper left thigh. The bruises would fade in a few days but the psychological effects would be there.

Natasha removed her shirt to reveal a green bikini top and a rainbow of bruises. The cut on her temple was healing. Pepper's yellow bikini showed off a sexy body, the bandage removed from her left shoulder to reveal an ugly, jagged cut. Thor's body showed some bruises and a deep cut along his ribcage. Bruce's body always suffered cuts and bruises from his Hulk-outs, and even Clint sported a black eye and bruises on his back from where he had slammed against a building. Tony wore a bandage around his right wrist.

What a group we are!

His own scars were livid and why he wore a T-shirt. He looked at Clint. Faint scars were just part of the job.

Phil smiled slightly. Of course Clint was wearing purple swim trunks. His man's love for that color was just one of the many things that Phil loved about him. As Natasha challenged everyone to a race to the sea, Phil reflected how lucky he was that Clint was patient about sex.

I just haven't felt like it.

Even he knew that was understandable. His severe injuries would dampen any sexual appetite.

Phil watched as Earth's Mightiest Heroes played in the surf like children, splashing each other and laughing without a care in the world. Clint dunked Steve and was rewarded by Tony pulling him down from behind. Natasha launched a sneak attack on Thor, who whooped with joy as the spy climbed his shoulders while Pepper splashed him.

Phil watched his charges' antics and felt the ache lessen a little. He pulled his hat down over his eyes and listened to the revelry in the cool shade of the umbrella.

& & & & & &

Steve was plotting an attack on Tony but was waylaid by Pepper, who splashed water on top of his head. Sputtering, Steve yelled, "You'll pay for that!"

"You'll have to catch me first!"

Pepper swam fast but Steve was able to overtake her and grabbed her ankle, pulling her toward him. Shrieking, she called, "'Tasha! Help me!"

Thor suddenly burst up from the water and flew several feet up, looking like the god he was when he hovered over Pepper and Steve. Pepper reached out an imploring hand and Thor grinned.

"The Lady Pepper is in distress. Her reward will be rescue, and a breakfast tomorrow fit for a Queen."

Thor dived down and dunked Steve, who let Pepper go. Thor scooped her up and whisked her away as Steve broke the surface sputtering.

"My hero," Pepper sighed theatrically.

Thor laughed. "You are welcome, m'lady." He gently deposited her next to a smiling Natasha, who took Pepper into her embrace.

"Looks like you lost that one, Cap," Tony said as he swam over to Steve with sparkling eyes.

Steve pushed the wet hair out of his eyes. "Uncle."

Tony laughed. “Let me console you." He drew in Steve and kissed him.

"Mmm, worth getting dunked."

"You know it."

The two of them swirled around in each other's embrace, totally engrossed in each other. Steve tasted coffee and peppermint as he leisurely explored Tony's mouth.

"I love you," he whispered into Tony's ear. Tony's embrace tightened.

Pepper was caught up in playing with Thor and Bruce. Natasha came out of the water and walked up to her beach towel and sat down. Phil was sitting next to her in his lounge chair. She couldn't tell if he was asleep or not.

“I’m not.”

Natasha’s training kept her from showing her startlement. “You’re not what?”

“Sleeping.” Phil still had his hat pulled down over his eyes.

“Good to know.” Natasha slipped her sunglasses on. “You reading minds now?”

He smirked. “Sounds like everyone’s having a good time.”

“The water’s perfect.”


She watched Pepper frolicking in the waves and felt completely relaxed.

“You’re happy, ‘Tasha.”

She smiled. “I am.”

“I’m happy for you.”

“I know.” Natasha picked up a bottle of suntan lotion and rubbed her arms with it.

Phil smiled gently. “You deserve it.”

Natasha put down the bottle. “The red in my ledger is shrinking.”

Phil fell silent as Natasha adjusted her glasses. She watched Pepper rise up out of the surf and walk toward her beach towel, her skin gleaming in the sunlight.

I am the luckiest woman in the world.

“Ready for some lunch?” Pepper asked.


“I’ll let the boys know.”

“Don’t bother.” Natasha opened the cooler and handed Pepper a turkey sandwich. “Just wait.”

She unwrapped her lettuce-and-tomato sandwich, glad that she had used mustard instead of mayonnaise. Even with the cooler, she didn’t quite trust the latter in this heat.

Pepper sat next to her and ate her sandwich, fishing around in the cooler for a can of Pepsi. She noticed Steve and Thor coming up the beach. “Super-sensitive noses,” Natasha murmured, and Pepper burst out laughing while Phil smiled.

“Ah, ‘tis fine to hear good cheer,” said Thor.

It’s easy to see why Thor’s a god. He’s got the body of one.

Pepper flipped the cooler lid open. “Your half-a-dozen sandwiches are ready and waiting.”

Thor happily scooped up two submarine sandwiches and ate them both in record time. Natasha never failed to marvel at the Asgardian’s gargantuan appetite. She liked to see a man enjoy his food, much like some Russian men she had known. Robust appetites were much appreciated in her homeland.

The rest of the Avengers left the ocean for lunch and Natasha handed Phil a can of soda. With all his medications it wasn’t wise for him to drink beer.

After lunch, everything was cleaned up and Natasha held out her bottle of suntan lotion to Pepper. “Slather me up, Red.”

Pepper grinned and grabbed the bottle. Natasha stretched out on her stomach and Pepper straddled her. She squeezed it onto her lover’s back.

“I like the looks of this,” Tony declared. “Stretch out, Stevie.”

“He’s so masterful.” Steve grinned and obeyed, stretching out on his beach towel.

Natasha closed her eyes and allowed her senses to register Pepper’s light-but-firm touch, the smell of the cocoa butter, the sound of the surf, and the warmth of the sun. She could hear Tony and Bruce arguing over the dimensions of a sandcastle.


& & & & & &

Once back from the beach, Natasha and Pepper claimed the backyard shower first. Consisting of wooden walls and a single nozzle, it was an easy way to get clean before tracking sand into the cottage.

Pepper grinned salaciously as he watched the water soak Natasha’s hair and drizzle down her cleavage. Pepper grasped her woman’s buttocks and kissed her hard, their tongues dueling as Natasha grabbed her lover’s hips.

They giggled and took turns under the water once they broke the kiss, Natasha warning Tony not to peek even though they still wore their bathing suits.

“Let’s peel them off,” Natasha suggested.

“Do we have our robes?”

The spy poked her head out of the shower and saw that their beach bags were close by the shower. “Yes.”

“All right.”

Pepper watched as Natasha unhooked her top and tossed it onto the top of the wall. She cupped the Russian’s breasts and bounced them lightly, Natasha removing Pepper’s top and tweaking the pert nipples.

“Mmm,” Pepper moaned, Natasha grinding their groins together. “I’m ripe for plucking off the vine, ‘Tasha.”

“Ooh, I’d like to do the plucking.” Natasha buried her face between Pepper’s breasts and Pepper pushed her lover’s bikini bottom down, slipping her finger between firm cheeks. “Mmm, not fair, Paprika.”

Pepper laughed. She slipped her hand to Natasha’s stomach and pulled down the front of her suit. She had Natasha moaning as she finger-fucked the Russian, her own body tingling as she could feel herself grow wet between her legs.

Wet juices came from Natasha and were washed away by the water, Pepper’s own orgasm rolling through her in waves of endless pleasure. She fell back against the wall as her chest heaved. Natasha looked beautiful through Pepper’s slitted eyes as the water cascaded over her head and down her slick body.

“Hey, quit hoggin’ all the hot water!” Tony called.

“Don’t interrupt,” Natasha tossed back with a vague air of menace, effectively silencing Tony. Pepper winked.

& & & & & &

The women exited the shower five minutes later, clad in terrycloth robes and sandals. Steve had gallantly handed them their robes without even sneaking a peek, much to Tony’s consternation. They went in next.

“Honestly, Tony, why are so impatient?” Steve teased. His answer came in the form of Tony pushing him face-forward against the wall as he started the water and pulled down his swim trunks. Tony’s cock poked at Steve’s ass.

“Nice ‘n’ slick, Capsicle. Ready?”

Steve threw his head back at the first thrust, happy to feel the water sluicing over his shoulders and down his back and between his cheeks. He was hot and cool at the same time as Tony pounded him, hands holding his hips. Steve’s own cock demanded attention as Tony rode him, grunting into his ear, “You’re beautiful,” just before his seed spilled into Steve. Steve’s cock spurted and the two of them collapsed against the wall.

“Hey, quit hoggin’ all the hot water!” Clint called, and they laughed.

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