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This 'N' That

Hi, luvs!

I'm busy working on the new Halloween Challenge. Keep your eyes on this journal! Coming soon! ;)

Take a peek at the awesome banner that ctbn60 has already created here. Is that spooky goodness or what? ;)

Very bizzy with profic, of course. I finished my edits for Volume 2 yesterday (99%, have a bit more) and hope to get that sent off by the end of the week, and Volume 3 by next weet.

My fanfic energies are focused on the Avengers seaside story, which has been very relaxing for me to write. I don't think I'll have a chance to work on fanfic tomorrow (profic is on the agenda and going out to the movies at night) but it has no deadline, for which I'm happy. I do have to send my final draft in for the dcu_bang soon. It's done, but I've been so bizzy I haven't had time to e-mail it! With dial-up it takes a looong time for 20,000+ words to get sent, so I need some time. :)

I gave up long ago trusting my memory for stuff so I have posted a note in my Reminder folder to get that mailed, and the fridge has a note for the remainder of the bills to be paid this Wednesday. Don't bother to trust your memory. Write it down! You'll get in less trouble that way. ;)

I've got some Man Of Steel ideas floating around and a new Natasha/Pepper story to write, and I may tackle a prompt on avengerkink. I'm allowing my cauldron to bubble and simmer and hopefully come up with a spooky story for the new Challenge. :)
Tags: 2013 dcu fic/art halloween challenge, big bang, challenge, dcu_bang, fanfic, man of steel, profic, rl, the avengers, writing
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