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Stanley Cup Finals Game 6: Chicago Blackhawks 3, Boston Bruins 2 (Monday June 24, 2013) (2-4)

Stanley Cup Finals Game 6: Chicago Blackhawks 3, Boston Bruins 2 (Monday June 24, 2013) (2-4)

Sadly, my Bruins lost their chance to hoist the Stanley Cup. They had led for most of the game but blew it in the final minutes as Chicago scored twice, kicking overtime out the window. It's tough to put in all that effort, sweat, and practice and get that close and lose. :( Patrice Bergeron played with broken ribs, torn cartilage, and separated his shoulder in the last game. Zdano Charra suffered a painful hip flexor, one of the reasons he wasn't as effective. The Blackhawks had plenty of walking wounded, too.

Stupid to have hockey going until nearly the Fourth of July. The Boston Garden had to keep the air-conditioning on full blast to keep the ice from melting on a 92-degree day in Boston. The famous picture of Bobby Orr scoring the game-winning goal to win the Cup in 1970 took place on May 10th, Mother's Day!


Another sports-related story is even sadder in a real life context: New England Patriots' tight end Aaron Hernandez was charged with Murder 1 and five gun charges yesterday. If he's guilty (only the prosecution gets to lay out its case during arraignment so the defense will have to wait until trial), he's pretty stupid. Pick up a guy from Dorchester, drive him a mile from your home, shoot him five times so that people working the night shift in the industrial park hear five shots, leave the shell casings there and in your rented vehicle, leave the car there and return in another car (he had two confederates with him) to your home, and your security system records you walking in with a gun. You disable your security system and hand the police a smashed cell phone when they start investigating.

Speculation at this point is that the murder victim, Odin Lloyd, might have known of another murder that Hernandez might have been involved in last year in Boston, and was talking to people at a nightclub that upset Hernandez. Prosecutors claim he orchestrated the murder of Lloyd.

So if Aaron Hernandez is guilty, he gives up his career, which could have been Hall of Fame, his money ($40 million-dollar contract), his fiancee and baby girl, and his freedom. He could go to prison for life. The Patriots cut him 90 minutes after he was arrested. He's an ex-football player now.

How far to fall so fast!
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