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Supergirl! And When Will The Redemptive Clex Fic Begin? ;)

Smallville (Season 7) (Episode 2) (October 4, 2007)

Okay, tonight’s episode: a disclaimer first.  I loved the Silver Age Supergirl, probably because in the very first DC comic I ever read, an Action comic starring Superman, his cousin was the back-up feature.  I fell in love with both of them at the same time.  Happens when you just learn to read and enter the wonderful world of DC.  So I will always have a special place in my heart for Supergirl.  :) 


I liked this Kara.  I can’t imagine what she felt, after 18 years in the deep freeze, to learn that Krypton and everyone and everything she loved was gone.  I like Clark having a blood relative, and as far as ‘Jor-El’s’ warning, maybe he knows that she’s been programmed to hurt Clark.  Who knows?


Lex?  He really is doing the redemption thing.  Looks like the U.S. Government is taking on the evil persona for now. 


Michael Rosenbaum rocks!  His acting skills made you believe that he wanted death, that he’s truly sorry for all the hurt he’s caused.  Lana was a tough cookie but is no murderer, which I liked.


Will Lex turn back to the dark path if he discovers his Angel’s an alien?


Still eager to learn what happened to Lionel.


Poor Chloe.  Some hotshot from Star City comes in and degrades her and is attracted to Lois, who’s put in an awkward position.  She already was willing to give up a job at The Daily Planet out of loyalty to Chloe, but how can she give that up now? 


And with Lois’ desk right there, how many meetings can Clark have with Chloe now?  Jimmy, hurry back, because your girl needs support!  J


I don’t like Grant Gabriel.  He’s a snot-nosed punk who is as ruthless as Lex in stepping on people to get what he wants.


Hmm, hopefully a lot of Redemption Clex fic comes out of tonight’s episode.  ;)


Argh, more Lana next week!  I loved Lana as Tough Cookie Lana Luthor and still think she’d rock with Chloe as a pairing, but now it’s back to mooning over Clark and Clark mooning over her.  Wonder what she’ll think of Cousin Kara living at the farm?  ;)  And will Kara be friendly with her or like us, say, run away, Clark, run away!  J


I am looking forward to Lex’s first meeting with Kara, too.  Seems like now the open text of Seasons 1-3 will become sublimated as Lex becomes obsessed with Clark’s cousin.


Boys, just drop the ladies and declare your love for each other!  ‘Nuff said!  J    

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